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No Scandal, China is not a “Gay Country”

China bans homosexuality from online videos in latest crackdown on ‘vulgar’ and ‘unpatriotic’ content

Depictions of homosexuality have been banned from on the internet movies in China during the country’s most recent try to wipe the online world cleanse of “vulgar” and “unpatriotic” material.
In the new tips, homosexuality falls to the classification of “abnormal sexual conduct,” along with incest and sexual violence, . Other matters you’ll now not give you the option to discover on Chinese on the net films , but will not be minimal to: extended kissing scenes, extramarital affairs, mocking of groundbreaking heroes, magnificent life, promiscuity, Chinese imperialism as well as the portrayal of ethnic tensions. (source)

gay chinese
The rules ended up handed on Friday through the China Netcasting Expert services Association and use to all first audiovisual content online, asking that right before being broadcast they must be reviewed by an auditor to make sure that the perform adheres to “socialist main values” and does not “hurt the feelings of the Chinese persons.”

Whilst the rules will not be technically legally binding, the association does comprise the majority of China’s most important on the net publishers such as point out media outlets like Xinhua and web giants like Tencent and Youku. They also observe , specifically centered on reining in popular video and streaming platforms. (source)

The guidelines also seem extremely comparable to the algorithm set into position last 12 months by China’s leading media watchdog, the State Administration of Push, Publication, Radio, Film, and television (SAPPRFT), which which include homosexuality which was likewise termed “abnormal sexual actions.” Just before those policies went into effect, a well-liked teenager romcom which explored themes of homosexual romance .

China’s LGBT group

According to some consider that these new tips will likely not have much influence just because they are going to be too hard to enforce. Even so, they come as yet one more blow for China’s LGBT group who may have been preventing for bigger voice in recent years, only to get silenced and
What’s on Weibo that the rules coming into impact on the identical day that Germany legalized identical intercourse relationship was simply too a great deal to choose for a few netizens.
“In Taiwan,
gay relationship is legalized. In Germany, homosexual marriage is legalized. In China, homosexuality is ‘abnormal sexual habits,'” some commenters on Weibo wrote.

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Sexual liberty in China are not allowed Online

Sexual liberty, magnificent existence and portrayals of Chinese imperialism will be the most up-to-date targets of China’s crackdown on web video content. “Abnormal sexual lifestyles”, which include homosexuality, are provided between the eighty four classes of subject areas that were banned from on-line video clip programmes by Chinese censors previous week. “Unhealthy” views from the relatives, associations, and money may also be banned.


The comprehensive checklist would be the 1st issued by governing administration censors to cover the rapidly increasing field of net movie, and arrives following dozens of the country’s most favored enjoyment channels were shut down within an on the web crackdown that started a few weeks back. Whilst the crackdown has provoked anger from netizens, it’s got showed few signs of permitting up. Past week, Chinese technological know-how and media corporations these types of as Sina Weibo and Tencent shut down yet another 291 video-streaming platforms and fired practically ten,000 journalists. Beijing has heightened its scrutiny of on the net material while in the run-up towards the politically sensitive nationwide congress with the Communist occasion later this yr, analysts say.

 Content Marketing in China is controled

 “Government tightening of on the web content material is certain at this moment, whether it is for the reason that with the 19th Nationwide Occasion Congress or maybe the Hong Kong handover anniversary,” claimed Chen Lin, assistant professor of marketing at the China Europe Intercontinental Company University in Shanghai. The government’s thrust to control on-line movie includes an escalation in nationalist propaganda. Movie-goers in Beijing mention that considering that Saturday, a government-produced clip titled Our China Dream is screened before movies proven in theatres. The “China Dream” is usually a slogan popularised by president Xi Jinping, who defines it because the “rejuvenation of the Chinese people”.

Sexy new Kuomintang delegate hopes to entice new blood back into dying party

Once the masters from the world’s most populous region, the Kuomintang (KMT) has fallen on primarily really hard times of late, but are now hoping to arouse far more youngsters back again for their facet with all the aid of an alluring new social gathering delegate. via

Akina Li Tzu-yu !

sexy girl Chinasexy Girl

28-year-old Akina Li Tzu-yu
is usually a preferred model with about one hundred,000 followers on Facebook whose appears happen to be in comparison to the likes of Fan Bingbing and Ivy Chen. She also happens being the goddaughter of Hung Hsiu-chu, the KMT’s outgoing chairwoman. On Saturday, Li was elected for a occasion delegate during the metropolis of Hsinchu in northern Taiwan.

In her new situation, Li hopes to appeal to extra youngsters again towards the KMT following observing them flee in droves for the Democratic Development Get together (DPP) recently soon after looking to cultivate much better ties with Beijing backfired completely within the social gathering that after dominated the island by having an iron fist for decades. source photo

Buzz via the Social Media

“The DPP
doesn’t have a monopoly on appreciate for Taiwan, if people today are born and raised Taiwanese, really don’t all of them like Taiwan? I express that the bash imbalance is just not the blessing on the Taiwanese individuals, the KMT needs more adolescents to help keep going ahead. Taiwanese men and women want security!” she wrote inside a modern Facebook submit, in accordance to Taiwan Information.

It remains to generally be noticed if Li’s technique will perform. Right after having completely crushed for the polls last calendar year (dropping not merely the presidency, but management of parliament to the to start with time), the KMT has become progressively more marginalized and directionless. This yr, numerous articles or blog posts are prepared forecasting the gradual demise with the bash which was founded by Sun Yat-sen just about a century in the past.
Above the weekend, Li’s godmother was beaten terribly in a get together election by Wu Den-yih, the previous vice president of Taiwan. As chairman, Wu has vowed to restore the KMT’s energy and status, promising to construct youth digital self-confidence and rely on within the bash.

It isn’t really distinct but how powerful Wu’s youth outreach will beeven with the assistance of the likes of Li — nonetheless, he has presently obtained effectively needs from Chinese President Xi Jinping who mentioned in a letter to Wu that he hopes his party will keep on to adhere towards the 1992 Consensus and firmly oppose “Taiwan independence.”

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The Chinese daredevil bridge

The recent opening of Chongqing daredevil bridge

Chongqing is notable for its hot-pot cooking, mountains and haze. However few people know Chongqing as China’s City of Bridges. Two streams flow through Chongqing – the Jialing Changjiang – and these rivers and the mountains they cut create the embodiment of the city.

At the point when rivers assimilate the warm daylight, mist is dense and ascends from the surface of the water, which means Chongqing is frequently wrapped in fog. Now and again, the landscape vanishes in a white world until looks of daylight penetrate through mists. The mist brings such cool and dampness; it is no big surprise the Chongqing hot-pot was developed at the bank of Jialing River close to the dock of Chaotianmen between the finish of the Ming Dynasty (1368- – 1644) and the start of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The hot-pot kept the body warm and the fiery taste sliced through the dampness. A few many years after the fact, this delicacy spread all through China and has turned into an image of Chongqing.

chongqng bridge

Good for the Chinese tourists

If the mountains resemble the group of Chongqing and streams equivalent to its veins, clearly extensions are the city’s key joints. With such a large number of various scaffolds, Chongqing is a heaven for extension planners. Among the numerous cases of scaffolds – numerous striking and flawless – are the humpbacked extension, link stayed connect, brace connect, suspension extension and others.

Food in Chongqing

With regards to taste, hot pot and Xiao Mian beat the rundown. The essence of Chong Qing hot pot cannot be found in showy stupendous inns, for sequential construction system made hot pot does not have a few touches of localism. The fragrance of nearby hot pot will achieve your nostrils far from the rear ways in which it is made. In this way, when you go here, simply take after the unmistakable aroma and you will discover it. As dusks and companions sit in the hot pot bar, with fragrance suffusing the air, they play a finger-speculating amusement, on occasion running wild with happiness, now and again ceasing to appreciate the hot devour. This brilliant picture, in my eyes, means one feature of Chong Qing taste.

Other travel tips when you in Chongqing

Without a moment to spare for the May Day occasion, a picturesque spot in Chongqing has opened another extension that is intentionally perilous. The startling pathway worked off the side of a precipice incorporates a progression of boards with crevices in the middle. To make it over, guests must bounce from one board to the next, or else fall into pit underneath. This is a similar Chongqing grand range that disclosed another, Guinness World Record-setting glass skywalk before the Tomb Sweeping Day occasion this year. See also amazing photos

Buzz on Chinese social Media

The supposed “Sky Corridor” is an A-formed walkway that stretches out 80 meters from the Cliffside at the Wansheng Mountain Scenic Area. It has designed according to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which stands out a negligible 21 meters. It opened on Saturday, in the nick of time for the Qingming Festival occasion surge, inviting more than 10,000 sightseers amid the occasion time frame. To pull in considerably more guests, stop authorities have sent in their application to the Guinness Book of World Records, wanting to get their new extension named as the longest cantilever connect on the planet.

Chongqing region seems, by all accounts, to be attempting to become famous as the glass connects capital of China. In 2015, a horseshoe-molded glass skywalk opened there. Despite the fact that it isn’t exactly as quite a bit of a blemish at just 26 meters long.

source Shanghaist

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Luxury Goods Market in China:


the Facts of Chinese luxury Market

In spite of the fact that China’s slower monetary development, crackdown on gifting and weaker cash have finished the times of very quick development for the nation’s extravagance advertise, the worldwide brands contributed there are not freezing. They say China, as the world’s biggest market, still looks prone to keep on making up for weaker request somewhere else.

A more youthful and more refined era of customers with uniquely extraordinary tastes, goals and utilization propensities is reshaping the scene of extravagance in China. Taught, all around voyaged and well informed, they are rising as the new target advertises.

10 years prior, when most Chinese just knew about two sorts of wine (red and white) and interest for extravagance items was quite recently starting, cynics voiced questions that customers, rich or not, would renounce the omnipresent fake products found in Shanghai’s Xiangyang Market or Silk Alley in Beijing. Others said that the Chinese would simply pick the greatest brands.

Luxury Market in China

Chinese luxury goodsChinese luxury

represent almost 50% of the worldwide extravagance advertise, giving precious request to brands in each section.


Keep reader the fundamental story

Story 1

“Before, extravagance products were viewed as an image of riches and status for Chinese purchasers,” said Dr. Tina Zhou of the Shanghai-based Fortune Character Institute, an extravagance inquires about consultancy. “Presently they purchase extravagance merchandise for their own particular happiness.”

Appraisals of the span of China’s extravagance advertise fluctuate contingent upon which things investigators consider to be extravagance products. Information from Fortune Character Institute has China’s extravagance spending in 2015 at $16.8 billion, up 9 percent, year on year.

Story 2

Bain and Company’s 2015 China Luxury Market Study put the estimation of the Chinese extravagance advertise a year ago at $17.3 billion, which it computed to be a drop of 2 percent.

Notwithstanding how extravagance is characterized, there are some noticeable patterns that are molding the heading of extravagance utilization in China. A move far from unmistakably marked merchandise to an attention on quality has harmed offers of many brands with solid name acknowledgment, while reinforcing different players.

Story 3

“Our exploration found that 39 percent of affluent Chinese think the logo is no longer the need,” Dr. Zhou said. “Specialty top of the line marks and additionally bespoke items, therefore, are turning out to be new drivers of extravagance utilization.”

What’s more, this central move to more youthful customers who have retained extravagance promoting since adolescence — and are looking for something other than what’s expected from the LV-embellished sacks and Burberry plaids of their folks’ era — has significant ramifications, in any event in the short term, for set up brands.

Shopping outside country

“The Chinese client is turning into significantly more worldwide,” said Andrew Keith, president of Lane Crawford, the top of the line form retailer headquartered in Hong Kong. “There’s a genuine hunger for originality.

A major part of the experience is shopping while voyaging. In the relatively recent past, Hong Kong was a favored goal for extravagance shopping, he stated, yet today Tokyo and Europe are more essential. Cash trade rates play into this, as does the pattern toward remote travel.

Despite the fact that its blocks and-mortar nearness is restricted to Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Lane Crawford has a more extensive reach among the new Chinese extravagance customers with an omnichannel approach that coordinates store and online encounters. Clients who shop both in stores and online have a tendency to burn through five circumstances to such an extent and shop five circumstances as frequently as other Lane Crawford clients, he said.

From shop mall to online Business

“We have dependably moved toward online as a component of the store encounter — the sweet spot for us is the way we utilize our omnichannel experience to build reliability,” Mr. Keith said. “We can enter the market decently adequately in second-and third-level urban areas where we don’t have a physical nearness.”

The ascent of new worldwide Chinese customers likewise has been a help for Lane Crawford’s online business, he stated, with Chinese clients representing 40 percent to 50 percent of exchanges outside of Greater China, which incorporates the territory, Hong Kong and Macau.

In any case, not all Chinese extravagance buys abroad include travel. The way that an extravagance thing in China can cost as much as 80 percent more than the indistinguishable thing in Europe — the aftereffect of trade rates, charges and obligations — has kept on aiding the daigou, or intermediary buy, administrations. These merchants customarily have taken requests — and keep on doing so now from online destinations — for buys in Europe and after that ship the merchandise to China, sparing the end client a noteworthy sum, contrasted and costs in Chinese stores.

All the more as of late, the Chinese government has attempted to recover some portion of this business, Mr. Solca stated, with an end goal to build assess incomes and stem capital surges.

“Stricter fringe controls have been acquainted with check daigou exercises and reestablished weight has heated up on European extravagance players to diminish the value hole against the Chinese,” he said. “Like never before, we anticipate that costs will keep on converging in financial year 2016.”

Portraying the daigou impact as “rather troublesome,” Mr. Keith said that the value hole is an obligation for brands. “At last, it undermines the trust of the client in your item.”

The computerized space is probably going to keep on disrupting the Chinese market. Fan Chen, the Beijing-based overseeing executive at the advertising consultancy Simon-Kucher and Partners, said she anticipated that more brands would connect with Chinese customers specifically web based, taking note of that Burberry opened a store in late 2014 on, the business-to-buyer website worked by the Chinese online monster Alibaba.


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Americans start to like China

Americans like China more than they have in years, survey finds

Americans’ perspectives of China have turned out to be more positive over the previous year, another Seat Exploration Center review finds.

In front of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s meeting Thursday with US President Donald Trump, the review discovers 44% of Americans have a good conclusion of China, up from 37% a year back.

These numbers may come as a shock, as Trump constantly lashed out at China amid a year ago’s US presidential decision crusade.

Positive evaluation

The development in positive evaluations for China might be expected to some extent to declining worries about monetary dangers from China.

The share of the American open that sees the measure of US obligation held by Beijing, the loss of employments to China and the exchange shortfall with China as intense issues has dropped altogether as of late.

For instance, 61% said the exchange shortage was an intense issue in 2012, contrasted and 44% today. Worries about Chinese cyberattacks have, then again, ascended to 55% from half five years back.

Still, obligation, exchange and employments have not vanished as wellsprings of sympathy toward Americans, and generally speaking about a large portion of people in general (52%) keeps on considering China to be a greater amount of a financial risk than a military one.

China is seen as essentially a military danger

China is seen as essentially a military danger by marginally more than 33% of Americans (36%).

On the off chance that an Asian partner, for example, Japan, South Korea or the Philippines were to end up plainly involved in a military clash with China, most Americans (58%) would back the utilization of drive against Beijing.

About 66% of Republicans (65%) and 62% of independents hold this view. What’s more, by a 52%-39% edge, Democrats additionally support utilizing power to shield an Asian partner.

Monetary and military issues are not by any means the only concerns the general population has about China – many additionally name cyberattacks, China’s effect on nature and Beijing’s human rights strategies as significant issues.

When all is said in done, Republicans hold more negative states of mind toward China and express more grounded stresses over monetary difficulties in the US-China relationship.

Most strikingly, 71% of Republicans say work misfortunes to China are a major issue for the US, contrasted and just 47% of Democrats.

Hard to Brand China

While employments are the top Republican worry about China, among Democrats it is China’s effect on the worldwide condition. More than six-in-ten Democrats (63%) call it a difficult issue, contrasted and just 44% of Republicans.

President Xi gets to a great extent negative evaluations from Americans: 60% have not all that much or no trust in him to make the best choice in world undertakings. Only 31% say they have a ton or possibly some trust in the Chinese pioneer.

Tensions are apparently very high regarding the installation of the missile defense system THAAD that Chinese tourists do not even want to visit the island of Jeju in South Korea.
When a cruise ship docked at the Chinese Mecca in the Korean Strait on Saturday afternoon, the 3,400 passengers on board refused to disembark, to the surprise of the ship’s captain, South Korean customs officers, tourist guides And drivers of 80 tourist buses awaiting transport on the island.
Instead, Chinese tourists stayed on the cruise ship Costa Serena’s 11,000-tonne pendant four hours before departing for their next stop in Tianjin. They were all part of a reward trip that was organized by a Chinese company that had left Fukuoka in Japan in local media.
Their decision not to set foot on South Korean soil was animated by Chinese social media. “When the Chinese bind together, it’s great to see,” a Weibo user writes, receiving over 130,000 pockets.

chinese_tourists korea

According to CGTN, the incident contributed to the Italian cruise ship company canceling two ships to travel to Jeju from mid-March to the end of June, representing 26 canceled visits and up to 120,000 Chinese tourists visiting the island.
Royal Caribbean Cruises and Carnival Corp’s Cruises and Princess Cruises have also cut calls to South Korean ports, including Jeju, replacing them with visits to Japan. Meanwhile, 86 of the 159 flights connecting the resort island to mainland China were also canceled.
While this is good news for Jeju residents who prefer a more peaceful life, these are devastating news for those in the tourist industry. In 2008, Jeju Island implemented a 30-day visa-free policy for Chinese tourists who turned the small island into a Chinese tourism gold mine. 2.6 million foreigners to the Jeju visitor in 2015, not 85.3% are Chinese who are committed to shopping in duty-free shops on the island, landing the departure room of the international airport Of Jeju with impious quantities before leaving.

In recent years, waves of Chinese tourists have also led to an increase in crime and uncivilized behavior that has alarmed the residents. More than 11,000 of them signed a petition calling for the end of visa-free entry for Chinese tourists in September. While the government has refused to consider terminating the policy, it seems that they are welcome.
Faced with a neighbor obsessed with nuclear darkness, Seoul considers the US-backed missile defense system THAAD to offer its survival. At the same time, Beijing regards this as a threat to its own national security and a promise to take action against the law and a memory of a nationalist sentiment against South Korea.
With tourists and Kpop artists, as targeted South Korean conglomerate Lotte Group, which accepts the post to build the missile system in the government. More than half of the company’s stores in China have been temporarily closed.



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Beijing attempt to Punish Taiwan by slowing down the Tourism

Beijing’s attempt to punish Taiwan by curbing tourism from the continent does not have much impact. Taiwan set a new tourism record last year by successfully courting visitors from the rest of Asia.
Tourists agitation on the square at the base of “Taipei 101.” The skyscraper, with its characteristic bamboo shooting design, was the tallest building in the world until 2009 and is a must-see for every tourist visiting Taiwan.
As a group of young Korean women try to take a selfie with the emblematic 500 meters high in the background, Vietnam travelers line up for a group photo and tourists from mainland China hunt their tour guide at Elevators that send them to the observation deck on the 89th floor.
They pass by a group of men and women in bright yellow shirts, who sit cross-legged on the pavement, meditating. They are activists of the Falun Gong religious movement, whose supporters are persecuted in the People’s Republic. Every day, they expect tourists from mainland China, holding great signs of protest to denounce the alleged human rights violations of the Beijing government. Most Chinese look at them surreptitiously, for fear of being watched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Confrontations like this with Taiwan’s freedom of speech have been accepted by the Beijing government since it began sending tourists to Taiwan nine years ago. Before 2008, there were not even direct flights between the mainland and the island, which Beijing considers a renegade province.

Dramatic change

But the situation has undergone a dramatic change in a few years, with the number of visitors from mainland China soaring to four million a year. The Taiwanese government, at that time in favor of Beijing, hoped to strengthen its tourism sector, which was rather small compared to other destinations in Asia. Beijing, on the other hand, was interested in expanding its economic influence in Taiwan. Both sides welcomed the increase in the number of tourists as a visible sign of a new policy of “détente”.

Imposing restrictions on tourism !

Nevertheless, the atmosphere reversed completely last year, with an increasing number of people in Taiwan criticizing what they saw as the easing of their mainland government.
After the opposition’s victory in the last elections, Taiwan’s new president Tsai Ing-wen, which was inaugurated in May 2016, refused to recognize Beijing’s Chinese policy. Since then, the authorities of the People’s Republic have tightened the screws on Taiwan at various levels. He tried to isolate the Taiwanese government on the international stage and sent his aircraft carrier to the Taiwan Strait.

china tourism

Bug impact on Tourism

It has also had an effect on tourism. Last year, for example, the number of visitors to Taiwan from the continent decreased to 3.5 million, down 18 percent from the previous year. Group travel was particularly drastic, down one third since Tsai took office. Beijing has never stated that it is trying to hinder tourism in Taiwan specially with the Digital Communication. But as the Chinese authorities determine the number of tour groups, they also have the power to reduce their flow to Taiwan.

source DC


Africa is popular (more popular)

Beijing promote Africa as a destination and many countries have free visa for Chinese + more airlines .

See also : Top popular Countries in Africa for Chinese

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In Tourism in China, If You Want To Success: Go Digital!

There are several digital marketing agencies in this area but you really focus on these issues to be able to locate a perfect digital marketing business out of all to suit your needs. An experienced digital marketing agency is able to help you reach a large public, which is running from a cool and little regional store or maybe a thriving business in China. If you are looking for a new business, you can get the details of the company’s prospects. You might be interested in finding the perfect digital marketing agency in Little Neck NY for a while.

You should find an agency that will implement the application of digital marketing analysis to measure the answer and maintain a track on what exactly works and it is not. These are marketing and marketing services. A good idea is to start marketing business using a promotional and web development plan.

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Record number of Chinese travellers visiting the UK

Many Chinese tourists head for London in the last sign of remarkable resilience of the Brexit-time capital.

The plunge into the book after the referendum vote and a simpler visa system to contribute to China’s flight reserves skyrocket, according to new figures today.

Record number of Chinese tourists flocking to London after Brexit sparks plunge in the pound


“London is open” message to reassure the rest of the world is proving a success.

D & D London, owner of restaurants like Le Pont de la Tour and Quaglino, today announces a big jump of recipes.

Tourism bosses hope that the end will appear shocks to 2016 and the start of good to 2017 sign another year of record for tourism.
The number of flight reserves in China is up 81 percent from January 2016, most planning trips in the period before the start of the cock year on January 28.


For the first three months of 2017, reserves are already 43 percent ahead of the year ForwardKeys.

Some restaurants, among others, the German gymnasium, 100 Wardour Street, Bluebird and Sartoria have increased by 30 percent in 2015, said D & D London.

The company also had the Prime Minister “£ 1 million day” on December 14.

Gunewardena, President and CEO of D & D London, said: “We are very pleased with the December trade after what was a topsy-turvy year.

Tesco, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis all negotiating reports and the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney report to the MPs that growth forecasts may be improved next month.

Holiday Inn Express Sherlock Holmes: Traveler Reviews TripAdvisor Popularity Index # 1 of 1 hotels in Sherlock Holmes Ranked # 1 for business in Sherlock Holmes Travelers in 2017.

They are particularly delighted by the service of Chinese reserves after years of courtesy and travel to the more populous country of the world, which have traditionally favored Paris on London.

Jo Leslie, who runs the Chinese welcome program for the VisitBritain government agency, said: “Chinese tourists in London spend twice as much and they have lost the police in continental Europe, spend twice as much money and the number Increases to twice the rate

London is cheaper

London is 11% cheaper this year for Chinese following the fall in the value of the book against the yuan as a result of the outcome of the shock referendum.

A major overhaul of the visa application process, including the extension of visa requirements from six months to two years and the opening of new application centers, also encouraged visits by China.

The Casino in Leicester Square yesterday.

Simon Thomas, owner and general manager of the Hippodrome, said the growing number of Chinese visitors had helped the casino record the numbers over Christmas.

He wrote: “London is booming, the week that runs until Christmas has been a joy, while the week between Christmas and New Times

The Chinese New Year celebrations from 27 to 29 January are widely praised as the most sumptuous in the world outside of Asia, with hundreds of thousands expecting to rush to the West End.

London Mayer

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “With the spectacular lion parade from Chinatown to the heart of the capital, Trafalgar Square, live music, the best of Chinese dance, entertainment, markets And Family workshops. London is a Chinese New Year celebration. ”

VisitBritain’s Director Patricia Yates said: “China is the biggest outbound market in the world for Britain.

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China’s education is changing !

The Chinese education market is large and is expected to expand further in the coming years as Chinese families prepare their children to compete in an economy that is incredibly different from the one in which they grew up. Already 1.6 billion RMB in 2015, should almost double to 3 billion RMB (450 billion dollars) by 2020. Education is the first priority for desperate parents to help their children to progress in the China competitive and modern.


The growth of the education industry of China is world leader. Investment cases rose from 190 in 2014 to 270 in 2015 – an increase of 42 per cent – and the number of mergers and acquisitions and IPOs increased by 165 and 76 per cent, respectively.

In line with this growth there is a significant demand for educational services abroad that highly competitive consumers experience and quality of expertise abroad. A lot of discussion revolves around attracting Chinese foreign students, but domestic, Chinese investment in education is often lined, this is surprising as it presents incredibly lucrative investment opportunities.


The years of rapid economic expansion were previously based on the masses of low-cost workers. Now, with a growing middle class, higher disposable incomes and higher living standards, China is making the transition to a more mature development model. The Chinese state is concentrating more on creative innovation, domestic affairs, services and skilled labor, richer families investing in education to meet this demand and adapt to modern Chinese expectations .

China faces an aging population due to the long-term effects of the one-child policy, however to counter these laws have been changed, parents can now have two children without incurring fines from the state. Of the 1.37 billion citizens in China, 17 percent are between 0 and 14 years of age, equivalent to about 230 million in need of education. Parents of almost a quarter of a billion children are on average significantly richer than 10 to 20 years ago, so education spending has increased to become the most valuable commodity in an extremely Competitive,

The one-child policy also encouraged parents to invest heavily in the education of their children, the official slogan of the party was “a child but of better quality”. The culture of pooling family resources for the development of their children’s education remains common.

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