Posted by: oliviapontet | January 19, 2012

Let’s go to the Great Wall

The Great Wall is a set of Chinese military fortifications built, destroyed and rebuilt several times and several locations between the third century BC. BC and the seventeenth century to mark and defend the northern border of China. This is the most important architectural structure ever built by humans both in length, area and mass.

Popularly, it refers to as the “Great Wall” part built during the Ming dynasty from Shanhaiguan in the territory of the city of Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province in the east to get to Jiayuguan in Gansu Province the West. Its length varies according to sources. According to a 1990 report, the total length of the walls would km 6700. Because of its length, it is called in Chinese “The long wall of ten thousand li”, li is an ancient Chinese unit of length, and ten thousand symbolizing infinity in Chinese. This nickname however, can be taken in its literal sense by approximation, 6 700 km by 11,632 li in its value generally considered 576 m or 13,400 li in the present value of exactly 500 m. On average, it measures 6-7 m tall and 4-5 m wide. In April 2009, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, who used technology more new measurement, review the measure and said length 8 851.8 km 259.6 km including 6 wall, 359.7 km Trench and 2 232.5 kilometers of natural barriers such as mountains or rivers. The same service was published in June 2012, an update of his study, and now an estimated 21 196.18 km total length of the Great Wall. The new estimate takes into account the parties are destroyed.

Since 1987, the Great Wall is a World Heritage Site under the number 4385.



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