Posted by: oliviapontet | January 23, 2012

Discover Tian’anmen

The Gate of Heavenly Peace, Tiananmen or (天安门 in Chinese), Beijing, is a monumental gate of the avenue is the southern entrance to the Imperial City. It borders to the north the square that bears his name. It is a symbolic monuments of China, coupled with the huge central Beijing that bears his name, it was the place where the witness to many important events in Chinese history.

Cyclists heading to the office, westbound in f...

Cyclists heading to the office, westbound in front of the Forbidden City, Beijing. The slogans on Tiananmen (“Long live the People’s Republic of China” and “Long live the unity of the people of the world”) are written in Simplified Chinese from left to right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Xinhua, the official news agency of China People’s Tiananmen we can see now is a replica, made ​​in great secrecy in 1969 on a Directive of Zhou Enlai, Premier of time, which would have completely rebuild the entire Tiananmen pretext of renovation.

The Xinhua evokes multiple damage had been the door, because of the war but also to poor maintenance which left the structure of the building to decay over three centuries of existence.

The Gate of Heavenly Peace was first called the door Serve Heaven (承天 门, Chengtianmen), built in 1417 during the work ordered by the Ming Emperor Yongle. It was a wooden building, which was severely damaged by lightning in 1457 and repaired in 1465. In 1644, during the assault against Beijing by rebel Li Zicheng who would mark the end of the Ming dynasty, the door was on fire.

It is 1651 in the Qing Dynasty, the gate was rebuilt with its current appearance, and was named Tiananmen Chinese, its name being Manchu Abkai elhe Obure duka.


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