Posted by: oliviapontet | February 14, 2012

The beautiful city of Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China. It has the administrative status of sub-provincial city of the People’s Republic of China. With nearly 12.7 million (including 11.07 million urban residents over an area of ​​3843 km2) 2, is the third most populous city after Shanghai and Beijing, and the first Southern China. With the cities of Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and it forms the Chinese megalopolis Delta Pearl River conurbation stretching almost 20 000 km2 and collecting nearly 40 million inhabitants. It hosted the 2010 Asian Games.

Located in the south-central part of Guangdong, Guangzhou spans from 112 ° 57 ‘to 114 ° 03’ E longitude and 22 ° 26 ‘to 23 ° 56’ north latitude. The city is part of the megalopolis Delta Pearl River and the city center is situated next to the Baiyun Mountain, which is locally called the “lungs of the city (市 肺). The total area of the jurisdiction of the city is 7 434.4 km ², of which 10 districts occupying 3 843.43 km ² representing 51.7% of the total, while two districts, cities occupy the rest. The elevation of the prefecture generally increases from southwest to northeast, with mountains forming the backbone of the city, and the ocean comprising the front.

The city is located along the Pearl River, about a hundred kilometers from the mouth of its delta.

Stade Olympique Guangdong à Canton en Chine

Stade Olympique Guangdong à Canton en Chine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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