Posted by: oliviapontet | February 24, 2012

Chinese tourists love France…for shopping

France is the most attractive destination in Europe for tourists from the Chinese middle class, because of shopping opportunities offered by Hexagon, according to a study of the organization of tourist promotion Trump France published Monday.

France is the # 1 destination for tourists cited the Chinese upper middle class planning to travel in Europe “to Italy, Switzerland and Germany,” said the statement, based on the preliminary findings of a study to be published in full in April.

“Among those interviewed is never came in France, 88% plan to go there in two years. Already 71% of tourists come to France recommend the destination to their loved ones,” explains the study, based on a sample 400 households in the Chinese middle class, between 24,000 and 48,000 euros annual income.

Two countries, including France

These families live in three major Chinese cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (Canton), and five high-growth cities (Nanjing, Wuhan …).

Chinese traveling to Europe are now limited to visit two countries, including France, according to Trump France. The other destination can vary.

Their main purpose is shopping, or “the Hexagon and Paris in particular, is associated with well-known brands that are available locally especially given the rebate,” the study said.

The Chinese spend more than 30% of their budget on shopping during their trip to Europe, spending an average 3,100 euros in the fashion accessories, luxury goods, jewelry, perfume, wine and memories.

New emerging destinations

Outside Paris, Chinese tourists are beginning to look at other locations, the study notes, through specific themes: wine (Bordeaux and Burgundy), festivals (Nice Carnival, Festival of Lights in Lyon) monuments (castles of the Loire Valley), natural and cultural heritage (Mont Blanc, Provence).

To capture this promising customer Trump France recommends increasing the number of direct flights to France from major Chinese cities.

Another suggestion adapt tourism supply customers in China (in the home language, late opening or Sunday shopping, relaxation of visa …)

In 2010, 900,000 Chinese tourists visited France, according to the Ministry of Economy, a figure up 23% compared to 2009.


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