Posted by: oliviapontet | March 4, 2012

Chinese weddings

Nowadays weddings are significantly influenced by Western fashion, brides are dressed in white and occasionally red like in the old days.
Between signing with the administration and the party itself may take several months, or even twenty years later for the photo shoot in rich costumes that sometimes look like a TV shoot series.

The day of the party guests give red envelopes containing more or less tickets. Brides can also receive more substantial gifts: fridge, car, TV, apartment … a trip to Paris …

In rich Beijing weddings guests can also receive gift packages containing tea, cigarettes, candy or other valuables, but also to defray their travel.

The institution of marriage is compulsory?

There are more and more young people who cohabit, but this is not very much appreciated by Chinese society.

Baby first marriage becomes almost mandatory, if not the child can not get the paper.

I do not know exactly the symbolism of the bear. In fact, the bride and groom posing in photographs with a teddy or on car hoods there are teddy bear yes there are everywhere. This may be the announcement of a new offspring symbolized by his future toy?



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