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Yunnan (Simplified Chinese: 云南, traditional Chinese: 云南; pinyin: Yunnan, literally “South of the clouds”) is a province of southwestern China. Border of Vietnam, Laos and Burma, it brings together people of different ethnicities (25 national minorities). Essentially mountainous region, Yunnan is little progress on the economic front, despite the development of tourism.

Yunnan has landscapes of great diversity, separated from the arid plateaus of Tibet to the north by the collar of Hong-La (4220 m) to the tropical forests of Xishuangbanna. Predominantly agricultural province with very fertile land (the “red land” of Yunnan) and a generally mild climate, Yunnan exports a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Several major rivers flow through Yunnan including:

  •      the Yangtze (扬子江, blue river);
  •      Mekong (澜沧江; lán Cangjiang);
  •      the Red River (红河; hong ET);
  •      the Salween (怒江; jiāng nu).

Its capital, Kunming is located in a valley at about 2000 m above sea level and surrounded by rice floors (see Hani). It is nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring”, especially because of the lake that regulates its temperature. This is the only metropolis of Yunnan – it has more than 3 million inhabitants. Other cities are sparsely populated.


Terrace rice fields in Yunnan Province, China.

Terrace rice fields in Yunnan Province, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


An SVG map of China with Yunnan province highl...


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