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Teppanyaki (鉄板 焼き), which means “grilled on an iron plate” is a mode of Japanese cuisine that uses a griddle to cook food.

Before looking at the gourmet section, we dive into the Japanese atmosphere. I want to say that Japan and China are countries with a different culture.

The confusion between the two Asian giants is unfortunately common when in reality there are differences of views and culture between the Empire of mid billion and the country of the rising sun (By the way, remember that Japan is his also led by an Emperor).

Since a sad day in 1937 when Japan invaded China, the two neighbors can not really piffrer the barometer of their relationship swinging between “mutual hatred” and “diplomatic talks to improvements.”

From time to time an event ignited the powder. The latest is the arrest of the captain of a Chinese fishing boat rammed a boat with Japanese coastguard. Finally the captain was released, and in October the premiers Wen Jiabao (Chinese) and Naoto Kan (the Japanese) met. Since mid-November, relations deteriorated.

In November 2010, therefore, the result of a survey conducted by Yomiuri Shimbun / Xinhua (Japanese newspaper protectionist trends that proves to be the best-selling newspaper in the world) fell 81% of Chinese would consider that bilateral relations are bad against 90% of Japanese, 79% of Chinese thinking that Japan is not trustworthy, 87% against the Japanese in China.

However, it does not prevent them from trade and China happens to be the first supplier to Japan since 2002 and as its first customer. Since 2009 Japan is also the largest supplier of China and its third client.

On the menu, a variety of dishes:

刺身 sashimi (Japanese “cut body”), which consist of raw fish cut into slices. Those who know me know that I do not usually eat fish, then for what is the raw fish! But nothing to see. The fish is fresh and melts in your mouth! Dipped in soy sauce is just a treat, especially when it comes to tuna (red and white), salmon, octopus and sea bream …

What else? The famous sushi 寿司 course! Just a reminder, sushi indeed come from Japan, not China … And unlike sashimi, sushi is prepared with rice and not fish. Basically there are three main kinds of sushi. The Makizushi 巻き 寿司, who are best known as rollers, and nigirozushi temakizushi. I bet some of you are burning with desire to know what is actually sushi? Well it is simply a sheet of seaweed on which cup rice, over which are spread fish and vegetables.

Accompaniment, soy sauce (醤 油, shoyu) and wasabi


Sushi (Photo credit: Plonq)



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