Posted by: oliviapontet | March 27, 2012

Xi’an Terracotta Army

In March 1974 the first fragments of three warriors were discovered by farmers digging a well. One of them is still alive, sometimes it can be seen on the scene.
The main pit totaled 6,000 soldiers. But the exact number will probably never be known.
In fact, the excavations were partially stopped on the main sites. In contact with air the pigment structure figurines deteriorates, while waiting for a solution, scientists and authorities have preferred to stop the excavations.

The site covers 56 km2. This is the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin, the founder of the great Chinese nation. An estimated 700,000 people have participated in the building of the necropolis, whose construction started between 246 and 210 BC.
For the secrets of its construction is not disclosed all the workers who prepared the tomb and attended the funeral were buried alive in the tomb at the end of the ceremony.
Each soldier is unique, but they have a standard size of 1 meter 76, which is a few inches below the waist of the emperor.
In addition to the soldiers of accessories, objects, weapons, chariots, horses were found on the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.


English: Terracotta army, discovered in the to...

English: Terracotta army, discovered in the tomb of emperor Qin, at Xi’an. Français : Armée de terre cuite, découverte dans le tombeau de l’empereur Qin, a Xi’an. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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