Posted by: oliviapontet | April 5, 2012

Wutai Shan

We had two days off in early April during the QingMingJie party. This is somewhat equivalent to the Saints in France. Families take the opportunity to gather with their dead and bring some flowers on the graves. From our side, we took the opportunity to organize a hike in Wutai Shan. Wutai Shan is located in Shanxi Province and is one of the four major Buddhist mountains in China. We left at five this fabulous mountain climb: a Korean, a Portuguese, an American and two French.

Our goal was to observe the sunset and sunrise from one of the five peaks Wutai Shan. We left Friday night April 1st from Beijing towards Wutai Shan. We had in our possession only a return ticket for Monday night after. We arrived at the station in Wutai Shan at 23:00. As and when our trip, we could see more snow falling. While in Beijing, he was beginning to have a lovely time, see snowfall as important was a bit surprised. Anyway, when we arrived, we looked for a place to sleep while the snow was falling heavily. We did not hesitate for long, we took the first hotel we found, about 30 yuan per person (3 euros). When we presented our plan to the hotel manager, he made us understand that it was not the right time to go to the mountain, there was too much snow and we could not see sunset and sunrise. That said, to the point where we were and after the 6:00 train that separated us from Beijing, no question of turning back. In the morning, we took a bus that took us a little further up in the mountains, on the peak. After a little over an hour’s drive, the driver waved us so that we descend from the bus. We quickly found only in white. The fog that prevailed did not allow us to see more than twenty yards in front of us. We asked the way to a monk who was in a sort of cottage not far away and so we left shortly after in the direction of the Buddhist temple on the peak of Wutai Shan. Lots of snow, lots of fog, we walked blindly following the path for an hour and a half before reaching the temple.

In the evening around 18:00, we were able to attend a fabulous sunset that soften the colors of clouds marching at high speed through the wind. It was one of the most beautiful scenes that I have ever see in my life. The icy blizzard does not prevent us to marvel at this precious moment. When the sun disappeared behind the mountains, we entered the temple in our room for the night. We enjoyed an hour of electricity, from 19:00 to 20:00, then sleep! The night was comfortable, no worries, it was warm inside, and the monks at our disposal thick blankets.


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