Posted by: oliviapontet | April 26, 2012

Mc Donald’s in China

A McDonalds in Tianjin, PRC

A McDonalds in Tianjin, PRC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

June 1990 in Shenzhen: The Middle Kingdom opens its doors to the giant McDonald’s. A symbol, especially since the first restaurant was more like a Chinese name remains just what is more classic than a traditional McDonald’s Texas: a building with white walls with a tiled roof with raised corners . Noted nonetheless the presence of a big yellow M and a beautiful smile while Ronald sitting cross-legged on the roof.

The people of Tianjin of them wait four years to be able to go to 麦当劳 (May dang PDR), Mandarin brand name in China.

“At first people were very curious,” recalls Shu Ya, a colleague. “It was the only place where you could eat hamburgers”. Today on Bin Jiang Dao, the first street of the city having its own restaurant, there are about a McDonalds every 250m.

McDonald’s in China is 1400 restaurants and willingness to open 250 new in 2012 (200 in 2011). Will provide work for thousands of Chinese workers, already number 80,000 in China. A country that represents 23% of the Asia-Pacific market for McDonalds.


Because it would be sadistic to salivate fans McDonalds longer Croquons in giving the fried greediest among us: the burgers!

We find the unbeatable Big Mac 大 麦克 汉堡 course, global brand ambassador.

It is accompanied by the Royal Cheese, the McChichen from simple cheeseburger and net O’Fish, which also remain safe havens. The menu also nuggets and classic burger.

Among the “exceptions to the Chinese”, you can enjoy a Spicy Chicken Fillet Burger, pecking corn or take a melting Pie dessert with apple or pineapple.

In the category of limited editions, no 280 (only seems like in Hong Kong) but the Mushroom burger (beef, cheese and small mushroom pepper sauce).

The previous week, the choice was between Mashed Potato Burger (steak, bacon and mashed potato with mushrooms) and McCrispy Chicken Burger (burger kind of Mexican sauce, with a tortilla.)



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