Posted by: oliviapontet | May 6, 2012

Tunisia focus the Chinese tourism market

To straighten the tourism industry, the Tunisian government will soon will develop a new strategy for the Chinese market in particular that has “great potential power,” said the Tunisian Minister of Tourism Elyès Fakhfakh at a press conference on April 3.

According to Mr. Fakhfakh from social change in January 2011, the country’s tourism still has not been restored. According to statistics, the number of foreign tourists was 4.7 million, a decrease of 31% compared to last year and revenue also fell by more than 33%, to $ 3.1 billion to $ 2.2 billion. However, the Minister said that with the improvement of the social order, there were already signs of rebirth. According to statistics provided by reservations travel agencies, 50% of tourists lost in 2011, will return to visit the country this summer.

Mr. Fakhfakh for this is because on the one hand to improve the social security and other bright future in the country. Thus, the Tunisian government has developed a strategic development of the area for eight years. Continuing to promote traditional markets such as North Africa, the Arab countries and Europe, Tunisia aim particularly in emerging markets with great potential power like China.

According to him, China is a very important tourism market. Each year, over 60 million Chinese are traveling abroad and this figure is expected to reach one hundred million in 2020. In this context, the Tunisian government and the relevant departments need to make joint efforts to develop this market. Mr. Fakhfakh told that Tunisia is now negotiating with Turkey to launch a range of tourist services, for example the Chinese tourists who visit Tunisia can also stay in Turkey (or vice versa). The tourism industry is the main economic pillar and a large resource of foreign currency for Tunisia. Being considered as the basis of the country, this area directly creates 400,000 jobs (indirectly more than two million starch) and tourism receipts reaching 7% of national income


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