Posted by: oliviapontet | June 3, 2012

Yellow Mountain, one of the most beautiful Chinese tourist parks

As the first visitors to the mountains in the 7th century, called Huangdi (the Yellow Emperor), the Heads of State and millions of Chinese Anonymous, we began the ascent of the mountains of Huang Shan Park or Yellow mountains, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

The easiest ascent is made by a few steps of the 6000’s with a handful of brave Chinese who do not take the cable car and the superhuman charged carriers, like animals, stores, gas bottles, bags of cement …

At the top of the mountain, the discovery of Huang Shan is the Chinese: never alone, sometimes in single file in the middle groups (which are distinguished by the color of their hats) and their guides screaming into microphones on of groomed trails and concreted on platforms to take a break and to capture a peak or a known panorama shown in traditional prints with ink.

As the Chinese say, the Huang Shan contain four treasures: the waterfalls, strange rocks and peaks appearing out of the ground like bamboo shoots, gnarled endemic to the region (Pinus hwangshanensis) with specificity to take root in the rock and clouds between the peaks that make even more mysterious but absent mountains appointment during our hike. Nevertheless, we did not regret barter against a bright sun!


Huangshan (Photo credit: Mulligan Stu)


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