Posted by: oliviapontet | June 8, 2012

Cinema in China

The price of film varies depending on its popularity. Between 60 and 100 kuais (for movies like Harry Potter) and of course the 3D is more expensive. In other words it is rather more expensive than at home, if you count in terms of purchasing power.

Then places are allocated when you buy your ticket, the hostess shows on a screen available seats. This is to avoid queuing 30 minutes before the session, and to be walked on by everyone …. OR NOT. In fact, as everywhere in China it seems that sitting is a matter of life or death, and that less than 150 people trampled in its path was râté his day. Yes yes, even when you’re about to have a seat.

Brief. Once seated, you are entitled to pubs, which are obviously not at all adapted for the cinema: a third of the screen image all red, 3 pubs loop for 15 minutes … And “previews” for other films. In this case I went to see a film in its original version, and previews were also in English … without Chinese subtitles. Damn smart for all the spectators in the room who wondered “huh? What?”

But the best happens when the light goes off. It then shifts to the dark side.

Punctuality is optional. It is customary to arrive 15 minutes late, as a group, and chuckling aloud as turkeys “hahaha we’re late, hahaha” for 5 minutes.


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