Posted by: oliviapontet | June 14, 2012

Villages in Guizhou

For 3 or 4 days I walk between rice paddies and villages of ethnic minorities in Guizhou, a new change of scenery. The region is inhabited by many ethnic minorities, which are groups of people with lifestyles, traditions, languages ​​totally different Han, the majority Chinese in China. There are 56 recognized ethnic minorities in China.

We visited four villages to date: Matang Chong’an, Langde and Xijiang Miao villages and Gejia. There are two groups of several million people, minorities are here on a Chinese scale! The following photos are pictures of Matang Gejia because I meet later many other Miao.

These cultures are recognized by the Chinese state, which allows them to have a little more weight and power in the political representations. However, these minorities are often “folkloric”, it is not uncommon to see festivals and traditions once reserved for great moments of life sold to tourists. Nevertheless, if your curiosity drives you to take the time, you discover a little better these different ways of living. Might it be that babies: they are brought here in the back, a little African manner. Languages ​​differ as well, but if you take the time to stay a little with people, many smiles and a few words are always exchanged.

Miao girls in Guizhou province, China

Miao girls in Guizhou province, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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