Posted by: oliviapontet | June 23, 2012

Kaiping diaolou

We had the chance to visit the Kaiping Diaolou (about 2 hours from Canton). Finally, we also had a bit of bad luck I got my camera stolen my mobile phone and some money …

In fact I was really stupid: during the trip Canton, Kaiping long-distance bus, a man was very insistent that we put our bags in the compartment above us. As it was the same with the other passengers during the journey, so we thought he was a member of the crew (a steward style but bus …).

And here it was better to use in our bags …. I think with the help of the driver because drivers generally do not allow passengers to stand up and walk on the bus once they have started.

When I think I even thank me for such “help” put my bag …

Finally, I was really disgusted, fortunately our ipad as it was in our hands during the trip on the bus was not stolen.

Aside from that, I loved this part.

Some info:

The diaolou (Chinese 碉楼) are fortified multi-storey towers, generally made of reinforced concrete, which is located in Kaiping and neighboring cities in central Guangdong. The first diaolou were built in the early Qing Dynasty, the peak of their construction being the 1920s and 1930s when there were more than three thousand. It is 1833 in Kaiping, and approximately 500 in Taishan.

If they were used primarily for protection against looters and thieves, they were also, in some cases, used as dwellings.


KaiPing (Photo credit: belacqua)


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