Posted by: oliviapontet | July 2, 2012

Massages in China

Sport Massage at The Foot Shop, Art Nouveau bu...

Sport Massage at The Foot Shop, Art Nouveau building 4th floor 415-416 ,Euljiro-2Ga 199-39 , Jung-gu, Seoul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing that makes me love China more than France, it is the massage. Here everywhere for cheap, you can make you fiddle with the rind.

By cons carefully, you should know what is meant by massage here.

First, avoid stores “massage” the pink front, or with little hearts next to Chinese characters. Unless you research explicitly happy endings and bare girls.

But if overall it is going well. The atmosphere is … the atmosphere is Chinese. In every dirty massage there is a TV. It smells like cigarettes, and even cockroaches are in the game. But that one is used, it is in China. It’s like when the masseurs speak them super strong, you burp in the head, spit or respond to their text message in the middle of care, you do not even more careful. Once accustomed to the chair with a very bald white top, neon light blinking white towel and the noise of the TV show, you can relax.

Then you must choose the type of tampering. Generally two options: the foot massage or body massage.

First the foot massage: You dive your tootsies in a tub of hot water scented worse you make yourself spread cream and after an hour, the kind you masseurs torture. Overall, they found a massage protocol and are always the same, based on the points where it hurts, sometimes fetch your tendons, you put other major slaps on the soles of the feet. Overall nice but often painful.

I prefer the full body massage. You keep your clothes, they masent you over. Head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, back, everything goes. Again you keep telling them I hurt here or there they do not change the mass protocol they know. If you’re lucky, you find one that makes you crack the spine, makes you revise your course of acupuncture, which massages the abdomen, or offering ancillary services more related to Chinese Medicine: cupping and gua sha (object next notes Chinese medicine).

Again, do not expect a very soft massage that feels so good “I am a bohemian who loves essential oils and wants to sleep on the mattress” (I say this because in Paris, j ‘liked it, me). Not possible. Tuina massage (this is the name of traditional Chinese massage) is supposed to support where it hurts to resolve deadlocks.

I happened to have soreness the day after a massage. He came crying in pain, but I love it when it is strong. And then we feel that the blood and energy flows differently in the body. I also saw and heard snoring Chinese while they were ventouser back.

Some say that the blind masseurs are better, I have not seen much difference, but I would try massage services for clinical purposes, as in Chinese medicine clinics. Here at least the protocols are different for each patient!



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