Posted by: oliviapontet | July 12, 2012


Montage of various Xiamen images

Montage of various Xiamen images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I loved the island of Gulangyu: the combination of old stones and trees I particularly liked.

And even if this island is very touristy stroll on Gulangyu is a real pleasure. You will inevitably encounter groups of Chinese organized tours in some streets, there are also a lot of shops and stands a little “tourist trap”, but it is easy to escape from it all thanks to the maze of narrow streets.

The locals are lovely, as these sellers juice “malasang 马拉桑” who invited us to sit back in their store them living. They even wanted to share a meal with us.

Some practical information for those who want to get there:

To access Gulangyu you can take the ferry next to the Zhongshan Road in Xiamen, 8 yuan round trip. The ferry, paying 1 yuan more you can sit on the 2nd floor. The crossing takes just 10 minutes and there are ferries every 10 minutes.

It is possible to stay on the island.

Prices are higher on the island and Xiamen. Against it by a bunch of small snack “xiao chi 小吃” at reasonable prices.

The island of Gulangyu is a pedestrian only de...

The island of Gulangyu is a pedestrian only destination, where the only vehicles on the islands are several fire trucks and passenger transport vehicles. The narrow streets on the island, together with the architecture of various styles around the world, give the island a unique appearance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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