Posted by: oliviapontet | July 21, 2012

The Chinese will build a huge tourist park in Tibet

Beijing seeks to boost tourism in Tibet. A huge tourist park will be built soon around Lhasa. The investment is huge: 30 billion yuan, or about 4 billion euros. Construction is expected to last three to five years.

The future park is huge: 800 hectares, the equivalent of about 1,000 football fields! It will focus on Tibetan culture. Program: a museum, folk performances, residential and commercial areas, an artists’ village, or dedicated to traditional Tibetan medicine area.

An additional five million tourists in 2015

The park will be built around the historic character of Wencheng, a Chinese princess of the seventh century, who had married the Tibetan king of the time, as a sign of alliance. This union is often recalled in the Chinese media to highlight the links between the two cultures.

The aim of this new interest is to attract more visitors to Tibet. This year, ten million are expected Chinese majority. Within three years, the authorities expect an additional five million.

Tourism can distort local culture, but it is an engine of the Tibetan economy has recorded a turnover of 1, 5 billion euros last year. The announcement of the creation of this park yet comes at a time when foreign tourists are banned in Tibet, a decision that followed the self-immolation, in late May, two Tibetans in Lhasa.


Tibet (Photo credit: moniqca)


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