Posted by: oliviapontet | August 16, 2012

The Chinese cultural heritage endangered by its tourists

Because of the stereotype of Japanese tourists visiting the well-ordered world at a run fizzled. After their Japanese neighbors in the 80s, today it is the Chinese who have access to the leisure society, and therefore tourism. The difference with the Japanese or Western before them? China has 1.3 billion potential tourists!

Perhaps because of protectionism, but also the cultural wealth of their country, the vast majority of Chinese tourists visiting priority now thoroughly … China! The result is that much of this heritage is endangered by the tourist exploitation.

Just think: 7 years ago, the Chinese undertook in one year 1.6 billion of leisure travel, which is already impressive. In 2011, this figure had climbed to just a small one billion!

We found in China 43 heritage sites of UNESCO, which very much concerned about the organization because their overuse causes irreversible damage. Lijiang, a town of modest size (scale of China!) Of Yunnan Province, now receives 11 million visitors per year.

In Beijing, many statues and entire rooms are only visible under glass or behind bars, to prevent the millions of annual visitors do not touch at all, or corrode the ancient stones of their simple breathing.

If the entry on the list of UNESCO is theoretically a way to preserve the sites by providing funds for their restoration, it becomes especially local authorities a media promotion and tourism development, and from worse.

Measures are taken everywhere, such as increased input prices, or outright restriction on the number of annual visitors, but few are effective. And economic and financial logic unfortunately often take precedence over efforts to preserve sites.

More information on this article on CNN.

Tourists at the Mutianyu Great Wall, China.

Tourists at the Mutianyu Great Wall, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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