Posted by: oliviapontet | August 29, 2012

Gifts in China

Today, I learned different thing about the art of giving gifts, and I discovered some interesting facts about China

– First, the Chinese hate the number 4, which is pronounced like the word death. So we’re trying to offer nothing by 4. By cons, they always prefer even numbers, especially 8.

– When you give a gift to a Chinese, it will open once you’re gone. The next time you offer me something, I know how to behave.

– For married friends, the only thing is advisable to offer money in a red bag. 200, 600, 1000 kuais, you see!

– If you want to send messages to your sweetheart, you can offer an umbrella (which is pronounced like 伞 separation 散) or pear (such as divorce 梨 / 离, plus these two are exactly the same tone)

– We do not offer to watch an elderly person: 钟 (watch) is pronounced as 终 (dead end). A bad omen!

– By cons, if a person has a drink in his / her baby (e), it is a good sign. Indeed, 杯子 (glass cup) 一辈子 (a lifetime, forever) are pronounced almost the same (unlike the tone). As Peter pointed out to me, 被子 does not mean lifetime but coverage.

I find this language fascinating!


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