Posted by: oliviapontet | September 15, 2012


It is a city where life is good (tropical climate, boomtown that also in the space of 20 years has grown at breakneck speed (apparently the city has grown from a few thousand inhabitants ten million, passing the village of sinners to one of the most dynamic cities in China.) There are plenty of sites around including the construction of a skytrain. this is a mix between HK (climate and the surrounding mountains) and Shanghai (for towers and economic development).

But I mostly stopped in Shenzhen to visit one of the most beautiful “draft” Modern Art Museum of China: the Dafan Art Museum located in the Arts District (neighborhood very colorful with many shops try painter all you refourguer the last portrait of their president loved). I knew this museum through architectural magazines that published beautiful pictures. The project is beautiful and all exterior rough concrete offers frameworks in which local artists can paint and express themselves. It’s like a UFO that landed in the middle of the city and would have made ​​circle of towers (from the main road artery, the museum is invisible).

Externally the museum is beautiful but the only problem is that it is totally abandoned and that within three years it seems 20. Inside everything is falling apart, the museum has never worked except the lobby which displays tables of poor quality (but are still lifes in a contemporary art museum?). Once again thank you censorship and strong government waste.

So if you are visiting Shenzhen, do not bother to visit the Art Museum Dafan (or what remains of it) save on taxi fares for another activity.



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