Posted by: oliviapontet | September 24, 2012

The West Lake in Hangzhou

I just spent a weekend in Hangzhou. You may be familiar with the Chinese proverb 上 有 天堂, 下 有 苏杭 (shàngyǒutiāntáng, xiàyǒusūháng) which means “In heaven there is paradise, on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.”

As good as curious as I am, I had already discovered the first heaven on Earth Chinese here and there, but I had never set foot in Hangzhou. Fortunately, this is fixed: from my point of view, Hangzhou is really nicer than Suzhou. Probably because the beauty of Suzhou – parks so – are lost in the middle of the modern city, while in Hangzhou, everything is concentrated around the West Lake, the famous XiHu which is undoubtedly the most lake known in China. Hangzhou is also nice because many mountains and hills dot the city, so I did not have the impression of being in a city of several million people!

This weekend there, the weather was not the game. But there was suddenly slightly less crowded – Hangzhou is one of the flagships of tourism in China, and the atmosphere seemed a bit mystical …

On Saturday, we go around the lake, it takes us well in the afternoon. The trees are in bloom, although the green nature in early spring. Many small houses lining the banks of the lake. This is simply beautiful!

China Hangzhou Westlake, buildings

China Hangzhou Westlake, buildings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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