Posted by: oliviapontet | October 4, 2012

The Chinese are all around the world

Europe, USA, South East Asia … The Chinese are on the move. Each year, there are over 70 million enjoy the pleasures of a holiday abroad, said The Economist.

They are now everywhere around the globe, the group most often recognizable – as was the Japanese tourist once – for SLR cameras they wear shoulder. Them, these Chinese tourists – kings of shopping – in a few years became the guests of world capitals. In Paris, London, New York, we welcome them with open arms. They have their own specialized tour operators, their duty free shops, restaurants reserved their … And most importantly, sellers and vendors formed to accommodate them. For these tourists are worth gold. In France for example, where there are more than 1.2 million coming every year, “the average basket of Chinese (amount spent in the same store on the same day), writes AFP, reached 1.470 euros in 2011 (1500 for Chinese Hong Kong) while 1,300 euros in 2010 and 650 million in 2005, according to data collected in partner Global Blue, a service company specializing in the tourist rebate stores. ”


Consequence of this change: “The competition to attract, seduce {} Chinese tourists getting fierce,” admits in the columns of latest issue of The Economist, Andrew McEvoy, the Office of Australian tourism. The United States recently announced that recorded in less than a year, “one million tourist visas from China,” says the weekly, an increase of 43% over the previous year over the same period. And to specify that each expense “on average $ 6,000 in the U.S. {}”. The Chinese are now more than 70 million travelers abroad every year, the biggest globetrotters the world, just behind the Americans (about 75 million) and Germany (over 85 million). “Their travel patterns change,” also notes The Economist. Younger looking to be “more independent”, less hurried and more free in their travels abroad.


Habits also change in China itself. With the overall wealth of the country and the need to see domestic consumption to support its strong growth, the length of paid annual leave continues to grow. Suddenly, the Chinese discover or rediscover their own country. And some communities are stepping up efforts – sometimes to the point of view too – to attract them. An article in The Economic Observer this week and remembered the “shedding” being the city of Kaifeng (Henan City, the former imperial capital of the Song Dynasty), which with billions of yuan rebuilt its historic neighborhoods. Local authorities have decided a comprehensive plan of destruction and redevelopment of central areas, which cover “580,000 square meters,” said the weekly. All to come over … Chinese tourists preference.

They are well over 1.5 million each year – from all over the country – to visit this city that few outsiders know. One thing is certain: the potential of this reservoir of Chinese tourists is considerable. A reservoir that the whole world is hard. In France alone, according to figures from the World Tourism Organization, cited by AFP, “more than 2 million Chinese people every year visit the Hexagon {} in 2020, against 600,000 in 2009. “


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