Posted by: oliviapontet | October 7, 2012

At the heart of Fujian

I just returned from 4 wonderful days in Fujian. My parents came to visit me in China, and I do not want that their stay is limited to major Chinese, they are … They are of course exceptional cities also passed Changzhou, but also in Suzhou, Beijing and Xi’an . They finish their journey this weekend in Shanghai. Meanwhile, therefore, family stage four days in Fujian.

Landed in Xiamen, we spent 2 days exploring the Tulou. It is a form of house built by the Hakka found in the mountains of southern Fujian, made ​​of earth, circular or square shape, the Tulou can accommodate dozens of families. The Tulou are oriented inward, served as home to the whole clan and initially had a defensive purpose.

We then spent 2 days Gulang Yu, off Xiamen, a beautiful island with a thousand colonial vestiges. All punctuated by beautiful subtropical plants and a blue sky …

A walled village called a tulou in Fujian prov...

A walled village called a tulou in Fujian province. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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