Posted by: oliviapontet | October 17, 2012

Nanjing: the unexpected hike …

Nanjing is only an hour by train from Changzhou and I decided for a quick getaway in the walls last week. On the train, I quickly potash Shanghai Guide National Geographic devotes several pages in Nanjing. I decided to visit Zijin Shan (mountain Purple and Gold), which are particularly mausoleum Su Yat-sen and the Ming Tombs. Nanjing has been the capital of China, and its rich architectural heritage has been fairly well preserved.

So off I went to Zijin Shan, located not far from the station. Given that the park is 20 km2, I decided to reach the mausoleum funicular. This is a first shock, I was expecting a super-equipped and crowded park – as is often the case in China – and in fact I find myself lost in the wild, the feet just skimming the treetops . I am languishing quiet greenery since I arrived in China, I am delighted.

Arrival at the summit, always calm. I decided to enjoy nature rather than visiting historical sites. Except that I find neither map nor panel path, the map of my guide is not accurate and I do not understand the focus of Chinese Nanking … so I spend three hours to descend the hill, trying to find my way punctuated by the chirping of cicadas and buzzing dragonflies.

I have finally spent half a day lost in the middle of a forest, not crossing that few tourists, hikers, a shame when you’re in the heart of a city of 6 million inhabitants!

The rest of my trip took place more conventional way to search for traces of the historic Nanjing: Ming wall, drum tower and Confucius Temple …


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