Posted by: oliviapontet | October 20, 2012

Around the Li River

One evening, I attended the show “San jie liu Impressions” which is a sound and light between river and mountains. It is orchestrated by Zhang Yimou, the ethnic minorities in the region. Great show. Fishermen, Miao, Zhuang … Tables succeed and poetry show will crescendo.

The next day again, I navigated fun on a river. He Yulong, Lijiang neighbor. This time my boat is small: bamboo raft for 2 people only. Navigation is more intimate, a bank board moves on to another. The vegetation can be admired even more easily: banana, lemon or orange delight my eyes!

Après une ultime balade parmi les karsts, sur terre cette fois-ci, pour admirer le Mont de la Lune, je retourne à ma charmante pension. Elle est a quelques kilomètres du centre ville de Yangshuo. Notre vue est imprenable: dans notre chambre au 1er étage, on dort au milieu des monts karstiques!


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