Posted by: oliviapontet | October 23, 2012

Lijiang, the Venice of China

I never set foot in Venice, but I now know the Chinese Venice. It now gives me an idea of the location of the mythical tourism …

Imagine dozens of narrow cobbled streets, many channels, blind alleys and small bridges. You are for sure in a charming town. Lush vegetation, lanterns, dark tiled roofs with pointed ends. This is not Venice but probably Lijiang!

The city seems to tremble with no tourists, no doubt, this is indeed the flagship of Chinese tourism!

Lijiang is really up to its reputation. Y stroll in this season, when it is bathed in sunlight and lulled by a gentle breeze, is a real pleasure. Pleasure that many people want to enjoy. Few foreign tourists who go to the South of China without a few days. Many more Chinese tourists who come here to relax.
The old town – rebuilt there is less than 10 years a fierce earthquake – seems tailor-made for tourists. She is beautiful, but soulless. The local population has deserted, and the streets are successions of shops, restaurant, bars or hotels!

Fortunately, all this remains in the Naxi architectural style, local ethnic group, and is very smooth, the city is also registered as World Heritage by UNESCO. Visiting the many hotels in the city is a theme ride a full day at least: almost all hotel during resemble museums as their architecture, are inlaid worked!


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