Posted by: oliviapontet | October 25, 2012

Visas to capture the pensions of Chinese tourists

Paris and Berlin create a common center in Beijing to deliver faster visas to Chinese visitors.

Europe is a little in China, with a beautiful Franco-German initiative in the consular field. Paris and Berlin have decided to join forces for the issuance of visas to Chinese wishing to visit the two countries. A common visa center has been opened on Tuesday in Beijing. The authorities of both States have outsourced this task, the confident TLScontact, a company specializing in processing visa applications. Ambassador of France in Beijing, Sylvie Bermann recalled that France had received last year 1.1 million Chinese visitors and even more are expected this year. “We give ourselves the means to expedite the process,” she said. Germany for its part, issued 234,000 visas to China in 2011, and this figure will also increase in 2012

Behind this initiative, there is of course the desire to streamline the procedures, while the Chinese had long complained of the obstacle course, in poor logistical conditions for access to sesame. But there is also the idea of ​​giving weapons in the international battle to attract Chinese tourists, more and more numerous. Competition is fierce indeed in the Schengen area. Be the entry point to Europe for Chinese visitors also means to be the exit point, airfare often requires. And be the place where shopping before returning home will be. Italians and have a very aggressive policy to attract Chinese tourists and dream of spending ahead of France …
More than 2 million Chinese visitors to France in 2020

For France, the stakes are high. The Chinese will become the first foreign consumers in 2009. And they account for over a quarter (26%) of the market for tax refund received by Global Blue, the world’s leading tax refund. And the potential is enormous. According to the World Tourism Organization, more than 2 million Chinese visit France each year in 2020, against 600,000 in 2009. It is for them that the Figaro group launched last year Paris Chic, a free quarterly upscale Mandarin.

In this context, one could wonder about the recent designer Zadig & Voltaire, Thierry Gillier, about the opening of a very exclusive hotel in the heart of Paris under his banner. He told a Hong Kong newspaper that his client would be handpicked and so the hotel would “not open to Chinese tourists.” These statements caused a scandal in the Chinese Web and Thierry Gillier has since apologized for the awkwardness of his words.

Chinese flag, Beijing, China.

Chinese flag, Beijing, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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