Posted by: oliviapontet | October 30, 2012


Kunming enjoys a privileged climate, it is also called the city of eternal spring … after experiencing some of the summer heat of southern China, I appreciate the 25 degree corner with pleasure!
The city is at the very first anonymous: wide boulevards, high impersonal buildings, a lot of shops in the West … but when you turn the corner of a street, if we look a little bit, there is an atmosphere more alive, more bubbly. And especially Kunming has some very nice places. For example, the temple is large, bright and decorated with a beautiful body of water. It is also still active, I spent a couple of hours very peaceful!

The Emerald Lake Park is also a very pleasant place: it extends around the water too, and it is very busy: choirs, dance, terrace …
It strolls with pleasure. Vegetation that lives only increases the sweetness of the place.

Ce qui rend aussi Kunming tres agréable, c’est sa situation géographique. Capitale du Yunnan, quelques excursions sont possibles depuis la ville et c’est une étape incontournable avant Lijiang ou Dali, dont les charmes sont si souvent vantés!


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