Posted by: oliviapontet | November 4, 2012

Introduction to the HSK

The HSK test Chinese developed under the authority of the Ministry of Education of China and the only objective measure of the level of China on the international level, is increasingly recognized around the world and now has a well-established value. In recent years, the number of candidates passing the HSK in China and around the world twice a semester to the next!

This test aims to become, like the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) which it is based, the international benchmark for assessing the level of Chinese language (no questions of civilization). It may in particular allow students to be admitted directly into a Chinese university.

New version HSK

Since November 2009, a new version of HSK is proposed to gradually replace the existing version. It has been fully deployed since March 2010.


  • Level 1: Understand and know how to use words and very simple sentences, to meet specific communication needs; possess the ability to learn
  • Level 2: Able to communicate in a situation and just about familiar topics and daily. Good command of Chinese elementary
  • Level 3: Able to carry out communications in everyday life, education and the workplace. Be able to cope in the tourist travel
  • Level 4: Able to talk about common issues in various fields
  • Level 5: Read the press commonly follow a movie or TV show, give a structured speech
  • Level 6: Easily understand the information heard or read, easily express themselves orally or in writing.

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