Posted by: oliviapontet | November 6, 2012

How Chinese circumvent the “Great Firewall”

The conventional method of VPN has become more difficult to use in China, so Chinese netizens use a new method to access more content.

To circumvent Chinese Internet filters, many Internet users use VPN. In addition to the 18th Party Congress, which took place in early November rose constraints using VPN.

Written warnings appeared in the offices prevent access to certain sites such as social networks through VPN. These services must now be used exclusively for work under penalty of serious problems.

China Digital Times has published two cards indicating the new measures to address this.

One tip to pass VPN

A number of Chinese users have found a way to access any site without using VPN.

First go into the hosts file (on Windows by typing C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts in the command prompt). The host file is a document that contains a list of IP addresses associated with hostnames.

By adding the recent IP address of a site after https://, it becomes possible to access many blocked sites without the constraints of speed and money associated with the VPN.

The search for “host file Facebook” for example, have exploded on the search engine Baidu after the 18th Congress and more Chinese sites offer to update the IP addresses of banned sites.


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