Posted by: oliviapontet | August 21, 2013

Chinese tourists spent $ 102 billion on trips abroad

Chinese tourists spent $ 102 billion on trips abroad

Chinese tourists spent $ 102 billion on trips abroad last year, exceeding travelers deep pockets of Germany and the United States.
Chinese tourists spent 41 percent more on travel abroad in 2012 than the previous year, beating about 84 billion dollars and German American travelers parted ways last year.
Tourists from other rapidly growing economies with a swelling middle class, such as Russia and Brazil have also increased their spending in 2012. In hit by the recession in Europe, however, the French and Italian tourists have slowed their holiday budgets.

“The impressive growth in tourism spending in China and Russia reflects the entry into the tourism a growing middle class in these countries market,”

The German Travel Association (DRV) said it was to be expected that China will eventually surpass the Germans in terms of expenditure, given that the country had more people than North America, the Russia and Europe combined.
“But what they have exceeded our already amazing,” said Chairman Juergen Buechy DRV.
The Chinese are more long-haul than the Germans, who usually go to Mediterranean destinations, which means that the average expenditure per trip was higher, he added.
“This new generation of young and wealthy Chinese travelers is far more sophisticated than their parents. They prefer to travel independently rather than in group tours, and take the time to choose their hotel and purchasing program well in advance, “said the CEO of the club magazine Shanghai Travelers, a travel magazine for rich overseas Chinese tourists.

China is the fastest source of growing tourism market in the world, thanks to higher disposable incomes in the world number two restrictions looser foreign travel and economy. Chinese tourists made 83 million trips abroad in 2012, against 10 million in 2000.
Hoteliers, tour operators, restaurants and even the taxi drivers will improve their knowledge of Chinese cuisine, culture and language if you want to try away from favorites such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Maldives destinations, officials European Tourism said.
Other countries in the top 10, including Japan and Australia grew travel spending, but only Russia came close to the huge growth in China, with an increase of 32 percent in holiday budgets.
The Russians are now the fifth highest spending tourists, separate from $ 43 billion last year, according to the WTO, based in Madrid, and catching up on the British, who spent $ 52 billion in 2012.
Italian expenses fell 1 percent to $ 26 billion in 2012 and French tourists broke 38 billion, down 6 percent year over year. The two euro zone peers were the only countries among the top 10 issuers markets show declines.



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