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Top Attractions in Beijing

  Top Attractions in Beijing


1)    The Forbidden City


This is something you have to see if you visit Beijing, the Forbidden city is the very symbol of Beijing. The Chinese emperors palace was built in the 15th century but has been through a lot of terrible crisis, and the Forbidden City you are visiting today mostly dates back to 18th century. The place is huge and full of secrets, you can visit 9.000 pavilions and there is a lot of different ways to enjoy it, you just have to chose yours. Either with a guide to understand the history behind the walls and the symbols around you, or you can visit by yourself at your own pace, looking at the architecture and the charm of the palace.  You can as well visit the amazing palace museum collections, precious jades, costumes, ancient paintings, calligraphy and porcelains. A scenic point you shouldn’t miss: have a look on the Forbidden city from the Jingshan hill at the north, you have an extraordinary panorama on the whole palace.


Website :
Address: 4 Jingshan Front Street, Dongcheng District
Opening hours  8:30-17:00   (tickets sold until 15:00)
Entrance: RMB 60



2)    Tian An Men Square


Another symbol of Beijing, Tian An Men, the largest square in the world. In 1949, chairman Mao has founded here the People’s Republic of China and you still can see his famous portrait on the north side of the square, and visit his mausoleum on the south side. There is plenty of things to see around the square, the Chinese government buildings, the National Chinese museum and of course the Forbidden City. At the north, you can begin a visit of the Beijing Hutongs. At the south, you can have a walk in the Qianmen district and its commercial streets, with plenty of restaurants and shops. From Qianmen, many buses offer excursions to the Great Wall, explain the fouder of Flat Agency in Beijing


 3)    The Great Wall


One of the largest human constructions, designed to mark the borders of the huge Chinese Empire and impress the northern nomadic peoples. You can visit the Great Wall at different places and Beijing is definitely a great base if you are planning to see the Great Wall in China. The main sites around Beijing are Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai, Jinshanling et Juyongguan. The visitors are expected there and the access to the Great Wall is easy, but be aware that some of the areas are really stiff and you should wear a good pair of shoes. Weather is something to take into account as well, winter can be dreadfully cold and summer is really characterized by hot temperatures. As every Chinese citizen must do once in his life, be brave and climb on the Ming dynasty’s rampart walk, this is smething you won’t regret.


Buses lead to the different locations you can visit on the Great Wall, many of them depart from Beijing Central Railway Station of Qianmen. You can have information at the Beijing Tourism Office : (010) 6520 1114.



4)    The Summer Palace


More than 10 square miles of gardens designed in a classical Chinese style, with a gigantic water reservoir, the Kunming Lake. In northwest Beijing, a place not to be missed in Beijing with its magnificent architecture which is a tribute to the different regions in China and its landscapes. You can walk there for hours, discovers the gardens, galleries, the stone boat, temples, pavilions and admire the summer retreat of the Qing dynasty’s emperors, the place of the last days of the Chinese Empire.


Website :
Address: Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District

Tel: (010) 62881144-209
Opening Hours : 6:30-20:30
Entrance : RMB 50




5) A Tour in the Hutongs


The Beijing Hutongs are these small alleys that characterize the traditional cities in northern China. In those little entangled streets that form a real labyrinth you can find small shops, restaurants and most of all traditional Chinese housing called Siheyuan, or Beijing courtyards. These are places designed by Fengshui, have the entrance gate at the south and in which you can admire carved doors and windows, small pools. Nowadays many Hutongs have been renovated and are really worth to be visited, you can access these locations through many subway stations: Yonghehong Lama Temple, Gulou Dajie, Nanluo Guxiang, Pinganli…  Please have a walk, have a pause in a café, or try the local specialties. Do not forget to tour the Beijing artificial lakes in Houhai in Beijing.

 Have a nice Trip in China



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