Posted by: oliviapontet | September 27, 2013

Chinese VS US Tourist, who is the more rude

tourist chineseOutside the Louvre in Paris , there is a sign in Mandarin tells visitors not to defecate in the surrounding grounds. This sign is written only in Mandarin Chinese . No other nationality , it seems , we must remember where it is and is not appropriate to shit in the vicinity of art museums Metropolitan France . Any other nation on earth has the implicit social contract they sign to: that in exchange for their continued participation in the art , visitors are just shit in white porcelain bowls located within the toilet areas designated . Not on the sidewalks. Not even in the trash, or on the bar of their hotel , or between the breasts of a waitress passing . Just the toilet, thank you .

At home, China already has a problem with street defecation , which dovetails nicely with the public spit endemic problem that makes most visitors openly vomit ( fortunately open sickness is also socially acceptable). It seems that when they go abroad , some members – not all, I must say – the Chinese populous taking this issue with them. It is not great PR, after all. Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Wang Yang of China aims his anger at ” uncivilized behavior ” of his countrymen – which he said had damaged the image of the nation. Yang blamed the ” poor and livestock ” the average Chinese tourist. “They make a racket in public places , cutting words scenic spots , cross the street when the light is red , spitting, and doing other uncivilized things,” said Mr Wang . ” This is detrimental to the image of the country’s population and leaves a bad impression . “

Therefore , the Politburo ‘s intention to create a tourism law , which would force China to behave “in accordance with local customs.” It is appropriate . For years, we were told , “the Chinese are coming ,” but it is only now that they are starting to get real numbers – last year , France has hosted 900,000 of them. In 2015 , it is projected to move to five million . Chinese visitors to the United States will apparently increase of 232 percent. In 2012, China overtook the Germans to become the largest consumers of tourism in the world by whacking an additional 43 percent of what they spent in 2011. Or maybe they just used the foreign currency to wipe their asses .

Wang ‘s words came at the same time as his compatriot Ding Jinhao was himself immortalized on the walls of an ancient Egyptian temple of Luxor. With one stone, the 15 -year-old carved ” Ding Jinhao was here” in 3500 – year – old building , causing a new wave of national shame in his homeland . ” Why are there so many people who go abroad and humiliate us?” Moaned TV reporter Xuan Kejiong . ” How many generations does it take to change this kind of behavior ? “

In Thailand, the tourist invasion has been a political issue since a Chinese low-budget film called Lost in Thailand created a mini-boom in Chiang Mai Tours. “Chinese tourists tend to drive fast on the wrong side of the road,” one resident complained to the English newspaper The Nation in Thailand . “And often go against the traffic in one-way streets . Tourists Chinese also often stop in the middle of busy intersections – just to talk to each other directions Some hotel operators and guests turned away because they say that Chinese tourists often rent a room for two, but spend the night in one. group of four or five . “

The paper continued to publish a countdown of the worst sins of the Chinese :
– A tendency not flush.
– Ignoring traffic laws while driving , cycling, or park their car.
– Be strong , even in five-star hotels .
– Littering , spitting, queue jumping .
– Allow children to defecate in public pools .
– Proficiency in English Terrible that lead to communication problems.

In Maldives, the hotel began to take the kettles on parts of Chinese tourists , because they have continued to use them to boil instant in. Some do not stop noodle noodles. They cooked shellfish , too. After the whistle was blown by a Chinese employee, the story caused a storm in China. Boycotts were organized and hoteliers were forced to crawl retirement.

Even next to the Koreans , who already know a thing or two about Chinese interference , become increasingly cheesed -off . The Ewha Womans University Seol was flooded with dozens of Chinese intruders wandering on their campuses. The name of the place is loosely translated in Chinese as ” something that brings an advantage ,” the newlyweds look so superstitious with their cameras to have their wedding photos taken there , Gurning in cafeterias lace dresses despite all the newly installed ” No Trespassing ” signs .

This swath of poor tourist bulletins sounded like large packets of Chinese tourists are marauding across the planet , spitting and screaming, cutting line while boiling lobsters in Teasmade and spelling ” YOLO ” on the Rosetta Stone with their own shit . Around the world , it seems that the Chinese are the new Americans when it comes to being the global representatives of vulgarity and coarseness . Everyone needs to let off a little steam from time to time by the feeling of resentment towards global hegemony , and as they catch us in the United States in terms of economic power , the Chinese are catching up in terms of being ethnic bags boxing.

The problem is that : a) as a nation that has quadrupled its earnings over the last decade , you’re dealing almost exclusively with people who are not accustomed to being abroad, and b) Consequently, the Chinese gift ‘t know how most holidays. They rarely see play beach fights with children, or reading Dan Brown in a deckchair , because they do not go like that. The high – flying outside which are not strictly “do” downtime . Therefore, you will find the mix beachfronts around in packs , wondering what they are supposed to do when the answer is right in front of them. They have money . So they go on vacation ” because they can .”

It was a generation that grew up in the terrible shadow of the Cultural Revolution – which often had eons of good manners erased or destroyed avoiding them , to be replaced by some shallow algorithms about being a good little communist. And now even that has to fly , what you see is the purest new rich that you will ever see. A new class of consumers who started from the bottom , and now they approach the summit, will inevitably feel that more is better. As with any new rich , it may look from the outside they seem to want a little more out of life than to be respected for their gross purchasing power.

And this is something we can certainly oblige. All these jokes about fecal fondnesses make a great psychological defense against our relegation in the hierarchy of the world. At present , the Chinese are well enough to keep itself alive luxury goods European market , and that is all that we are still on sale . They bought Givenchy and Dolce as they are trendy . They like Jaguar and Chateauneuf Du Pape and Talisker . While Europe itself becomes sick man of Europe, China’s rise to global tourism kings in 2012 marked the return of the tide of patronage from West to East . Throughout the next decade, we will be barefoot and shouting in pidgin Mandarin to them : “You want Smythson , sir? Like the Yardley ? Burberry me give you good price all the time. You see , very good. “

We could well be in invasion of uncouth hordes of Chinese tourists , but our reaction to it says as much about our own insecurities as any notion of intrinsic Han coarsenes


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