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USA is the Top Travel for Chinese travellers !

USA is the Top Travel for Chinese travellers !


Where Chinese really really want to travel? France? not any more… Disneyland lines and Tiffany & Co. could lengthen more and more Chinese tourists naming America as their top holiday destination .

The number of Chinese visitors to come to the United States will more than triple by 2020 , according to a new report by brokerage CLSA . The new wave will include more Chinese tourists travel other members confident that is ready to fill from traditional holiday places such as Hong Kong and Macao.

Over 17 % of Chinese travelers experienced rated the United States as their top holiday choice if money was no object – more than any other destination. For first time travelers , the United States is the second most popular holiday resort.

“It is a matter of bragging rights for Chinese tourists these days ,” said Aaron Fischer , an analyst at CTRIP.

Chinese travelers have built a worldwide reputation as big spenders . Buyers from mainland China lines are a regular sight outside the luxury shops of Paris and Hong Kong , a trend that could spread more info here

Shopping is top of the agenda for the Chinese who visit the United States , with 87% of visitors splash money outlets in 2012. CLSA said that the Chinese spend on average $ 4,400 per trip on everything from upscale hotels to cosmetics, making them the second biggest spenders after visitors from India.

In addition to shopping, the new wave of Chinese tourists have a different set of priorities that will be the owners of casinos in Las Vegas drool .

Mainland tourists show a greater interest in gastronomy and the game that other visitors from overseas , and a growing appetite for concerts and shows, the CLSA report said.

With Las Vegas still struggling in the wake of a regional housing bust , casinos there began to pull the stops to attract Chinese players , the introduction of menus and special concerts restoration with Chinese stars pop speech . The Palazzo is still hosting a show called “Panda ” that includes the China National Acrobatic Troupe .

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However, catering to a tripling of the number of Chinese tourists is not an easy task. The language barrier is a problem CLSA called a series of upscale hotels in New York and found only two had Mandarin speakers on the site.

Chinese travelers have also developed an unflattering reputation in some parts of the world, thanks to a mixture of cultural differences and , occasionally , bad behavior. In a highly publicized case , an ancient Egyptian temple was vandalized by a young Chinese tourist.

National Tourism Administration of China has tried to solve some of these problems, and last year published a series of guidelines for travelers in the country.

Specific guidelines for instruction not to damage the relics tourists and be courteous and respect the rights of others


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