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Where Chinese Tourists really love to travel ?


Year of the Horse , stretch transportation system to limit China ICT. Officials hope that people will travel more than 3620 to 200 million last year.

The state news agency Xinhua China says 42 million of those will travel by air, as more cash -rich mainlanders turn their backs on the traditional gathering of the extended family to celebrate the most important holiday of the year in abroad.

They are part of a strong trend of Globetrotters .

The Chinese travel and spend more than anyone else on the planet. Disbursed $ 102 billion over 83 million trips in 2012 according to the United Nations , and they continue to dominate the market . thank you @superpat

In 2020 , over 200 million Chinese are going abroad , according to a report by brokerage firm CLSA Asia – Pacific – About That Double the number made ​​in 2013. This explosion is due in part to higher wages, annual leave and easier visas.


The switching speed are the continental traveling abroad to explore new cultures , shop, gamble and escape the tourist sites of national interest and the worsening overcrowding , pollution,” Aaron Fischer , head of consumer and gaming research of CLSA and author of the report ‘ s , told Wang Yi ning to CNN.

Here’s a look at how some resorts in the Asia -Pacific region are struggling to capture a piece of this lucrative market.

Bali , Indonesia

The number of arrivals from China in the island during the “Golden Week ” could reach 1,000 a day, thanks to a new direct flight between Beijing and Bali.

It is expected that about 30,000 Chinese to jump over the Hainan Airline Highway tourists – All that began on January 15 – and pump $ 90 million into the economy falls into the festive season.

Not to be outdone , hundreds of miles away West Javan provincial officials told The Jakarta Post that are prioritizing the Chinese tourism market.

amazing photo china

They are urging the local hospitality industry to improve the skills of workers and improve infrastructure at major tourist sites such as lifting signs in Mandarin.

Attracting Chinese pockets is essential for national tourism strategy of Indonesia s . The country launched a Chinese-language website in November and aims to raise the number of arrivals from China by 37 % to 1,000,000 at the end of 2014.


Myanmar is a very popular destination in the world, since the governement open the border. Travel in Burma is popular among Chinese traveller, explain David from, company specialized of travel in South Asia.

Chinese People enjoy to go in Asia, because it is clother and because it is close to their country.



Weakness of the Japanese yen , great food , cultural and natural heritage are connecting China’s richest . source

Popular items include to buy Louis Vuitton handbags and $ 1,000 rice cookers , according Travelzoo Asia – Pacific.

The website said 29% of Chinese households with annual incomes of $ 50,000 or so years RANKED Japan as the main travel destination.

Record total number of Chinese traveling to Japan has fallen 11 % since 2012 , deterred by the regional animosity between the number one and two Asian economies.

Critics say aussi more could be made of ” Cool Japan”, the brand that put a stamp in Japan as a cultural power in 2002.

Want a concerted national strategy to hit the target of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 30 million foreign visitors in 2020.


Chinese shares herbal tea , Chinese television channels and disposable slippers – just some of the things that the Australian tourism officials recommend accommodation to provide Chinese tourist in the land of the sun.

Chinese tourists add $ 4.04 billion to Australia ‘s economy last year, rivaling New Zealand market as the main source of purchasing power.

HOWEVER , Chinese arrivals fell 9.4% in November from a year earlier , sending waves of interest through the travel industry of Australia sources


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