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Europe Honeymoon : You need to know ten things

Europe Honeymoon

Europe Honeymoon

1 Select

On the European continent is a large , full of picturesque landscapes , diverse but can not go to kaikkiamielenkiintoisia items. If you really want to try to walk to all the attractions , the time will be spent on the road a lot more than his playing time .

Then you need to select five favorite places. Maybe you want to drink a beer in Munich , Germany Royal Beer House , you might want to try in Barcelona , Spain , tapas, or käydäTate Modern in London. You only need to place the order .

2 Scroll to the way

Perhaps the old ALICE says not to participate in the tour, which should work alone. In fact , you need to choose a path. First, join the group of the pace of the tenth . If you want to group tours , you can choose Contiki and Topdeck Travel ; If you’re looking to release , we may wish to provide translation and accommodation Busabout .

Visitors traveling alone can be programmed to HostelBookers website javerkkosivuilla HostelsClub room ; Reservation of railway ; Before a long time can be set to a very affordable ticket. Much cheaper to take the bus Intercity trains and airplanes.

3 Do not välttäätunnettuja places

Roman Colosseum in Italy, France , the Eiffel Tower and Charles Bridge in the Czech Republic are very popular favorite destination for tourists, just because they are really impressive . There is still no , just because I think you should break the routine and do it, if it is well-known attractions that appeal to you , then go .

Similarly, non-compliance with the tour guide told us to do. Perhaps the book says , ettäLouvren Museum in Paris , France, is that you can not miss attractions, but if you want to pioneer Blek le Rat Graffiti Wall in Paris.

 4 Season

July to September every year in crowded Europe. Always difficult to program the idle rooms , the price is also expensive . On the train never ratkaistumaa .

Spring and autumn are a good choice for travel . If you are not afraid of the cold winter, you can even travel because few tourists are all feeling of beauty.

5 Put a festival on your own schedule

When planning a trip , we can look at the festivals. European festivals , such as the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, Spain jatomaatti festival of San Fermin festival, the Venice Biennale in Italy, the UK Glastonbury Festival , the Serbian city of Novi Sad Exit festival in Belgium and the Tomorrowland Music Festival. These celebrations are alone, is a major books.

6 Beware of scams

Sexy girl from Eastern Europe, because it can not be appealed , but the initiative came from . At the same time, local , and certainly this man, because they look good , and make friends with you. Trust your own !

7  learn the local language

At least learn something of the local language , even just a simple question . You pay for these small steps is a large number even in their favor.

8 travel light

No access to three European summer jeans. You do not have full access to the bag of detergent, do not have access to phone calls special clothing books. All you need is suitable clothing japyyhe , and some osallistuivatpuolueen and other occasions.

9 . splurge on time

The small törsätähieno experience. Cheap Travel will make your trip will take longer , but if you are going to käydähienossa restaurant , a luxury hotel yöpyäkuuluisa a gondola ride in Venice ‘s , enjoy tea and other similar experiences in London before mahdollistaaentistä forget to budget for a memorable experience.

10  That’s enough money to

You can save as much as possible to carry out all the money to travel to Europe . When people do not otabaari , you can not go too expensive. Do not go because of money problems without sights.


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