Posted by: oliviapontet | June 19, 2014

Simplify visa reminder hot British tour

Simplify visa reminder hot British tour

As one European tour focused on the destination, the UK is about to usher in a huge tourism opportunities.

british travel

british travel

From the United Kingdom Tourism Bureau, Chinese visitors to the UK will provide a new set of simplified visa services, most notably from the beginning this fall, Chinese visitors will be able to use a visitor’s visa to the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United Kingdom without having to apply for another visa and vice versa.

This means that in the future travel to the UK and Ireland, a country where a visa can only travel between the two countries, many travel operators have started planning a substantial increase in “Britain and Ireland” two joint tourism products.

There are currently 12 UK visa application centers in China. Earlier, the British visa has been launched to simplify and accelerate the process of visa programs, such as the British Embassy in Beijing set up a professional team to provide support for business, tourism and education sectors visa, the introduction of 3 to 5 days Priority Visa Service Only in July 2013 alone 11,000 people used the service; while VIP as well as high-end home visitors provide visa services; while UK visa and immigration team can come to receive the application and collection of biological information.

It is reported that, for tourists and business visitors visas carried out to improve the regulations, prompting a record number of Chinese visit to the UK – in 2013 than in 2012, an increase of 40%.

Tourism is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry, employing about 200,000 Irish tourism, the contribution of 4% of GDP. In 2012, a total of 7.27 million overseas tourists visited Ireland, creating 3.51 billion euros in revenue, overseas tourism revenue accounted for 59% of total revenue.

Compared to Chinese tourists to visit Ireland’s data, the number of Chinese visitors to the UK is more substantial. Public figures show that in 2013, the UK immigration visa issued to the Chinese people and the more than 290,000 copies of a visitor’s visa – an increase of 40% over 2012, compared to 2008 increased by nearly three times.



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