Posted by: oliviapontet | June 24, 2014

Opportunities for Hotels with the increase of Chinese tourists

Chinese developers hoteliers preparing for a breakthrough on where they follow the trail of spending mainland tourists foreign markets.


The overall thrust of fire is also influenced by fears of a glut of room in the hotel sector of the mainland. Some wisdom of age, too, could have entered the minds of developers, perhaps conscious of the Chinese proverb that rich water should be kept in its own areas of one. more information 


The anti-corruption of the Communist Party and frugality campaign campaign were also blamed for contributing to discomfort on the market of the National Hotel.



Room rates in five star hotels in major cities across the continent fell 5 percent last year, real estate consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle said.

The developers of the hotel market of the dull house provided additional incentives to sniff out opportunities to strong cash overseas trips.

100 million Chinese tourists

About 100 million Chinese visited tourist destinations abroad last year, splash 120 billion U.S. dollars on the verge of becoming the biggest spenders in world tourism, the business daily said state-owned .


Franshion Properties (China), which provides for inclusion in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong spin-off, said it would study the trends in outbound tourism from mainland China in the hope to find a new growth engine . Hotel assets of the company, including the landmark Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai would be separated for an independent list.

“We will closely monitor the popular tourist destinations such as London and New York,” said an officer at the China Jin Mao Group.

“We intend to focus on the more Chinese travel to our development and expansion plans places.”


Developers rely on a belief that the Chinese would feel more comfortable staying in hotels offering food and Chinese services when traveling abroad.


“We want to build hotels in China where to go,” said Simon Manning, a vice president of Langham Hospitality Group, owned by developers Hong Kong Holdings great eagle. “Rich Chinese will be the next big group consumers around the world. ”


Manning added that the fact of Chinese hotels of the environment while maintaining good relations with the Chinese community – including embassies and overseas branches based companies – the key to success.

Zhang Yuliang, chairman of Greenland Group Holding, the largest property developer in Shanghai, said earlier that a better understanding of the habits and mentality Chinese would give local businesses an overwhelming advantage over foreign rivals to attract outbound mainland tourists .


Greenland carries a door backdoor listing on the stock market of the mainland in its efforts to save the onslaught of business in the global marketplace.

Jin mao hotel

Jin Mao said he would keep the same brand name Jin Mao in its hotels abroad alongside global hotel brands that have started to manage outlets.

Chinese bad behavior

Jin Mao Tower in the financial and commercial district of Lujiazui in Shanghai for a time became the highest skyscraper in the continent after it was completed in 1999. The 88-storey building was considered a symbol of transformation Shanghai in one of the cities of the world elite.


“Jin Mao impresses Chinese people as a leading brand and will help us to attract domestic tourists abroad,” said the executive.



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