Posted by: oliviapontet | October 29, 2014

Black Mouses travel in China !

From Brussels the Pop Rock Group Black Mouses has participated to musical activities In yinyuetan in Shanghai and in 4 cities in China. Although they each have their own career fields. With their pop-rock album «Induction» release they will whole-heartedly into the music business.

Belgian pop rock “Black Mouses” Trips to China

blackmouses black mouses shanghai black mouses chine

Over the years these group of friends, Black Mouses are in the  same industry have brought a very different musical experience and influence. Their musical journey took them through classical music, funk and jazz, however, they ultimately could not extricate themselves trapped in a sea of ​​pop rock, which the achievements of their debut album.

You can find their Weibo here !

They also learned from electronic music and some pop music and making a solid energy weapon, like MGMT, Radiohead and Vismet more.

Their singles «Bollywood» and «Exhausted Trees» to fast and intense dark music-based, people to whom amazing. This wonderful low-stress in a unique musical skills gives them the soul music style. This is the new Belgian rock band “Black Mouses.


Belgian pop rock “Black Rat” China Tour


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