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Business Tips for China

From the smallest shop to the largest enterprise, Chinese society is accustomed to negotiate prices. So, when a western company comes in and says this is the price that I want, thinking that the matter will be resolved soon, it will not work. Chinese are accustomed to negotiate, it is better to be prepared to discuss at length and give the highest price immediately before giving the lowest price.

Fashion tips chinese market

Unless you are a huge company with huge resources and the government of your country supports you, companies must follow the way to China to do their business in China source googleplus.

Chinese business lunch

More than the business aspect, the Chinese have come to know you, you understand. Nothing could be better than a good meal in a restaurant. Yes but … we will generally spent hours without ever talk about what we were supposed to discuss.
It will do it again in the second appointment, with another dinner during which, in the best case, the Chinese begin to talk about what interests us.

But in many places in China, the real business lunch that take place during the third appointment.

For business or meals in general, when you are the guest food will be controlled by your host profusely dinner. Dishes will be very different because it requires that everyone can find what he likes, even if ordered too much food.
The person paying should not be seen as Xiao Qi (stingy) and show it is rich (or she will believe).

At the end of the meal or during the meal, if you do not want to eat or drink, do not force yourself to finish above that there are in your bowl. Leave food or drink in your bowl or glass.
While in the West we tend to force us to finish because of our education (“finish your plate! Think of the children who have nothing to eat!”), It is best to do the opposite in China so that your host understands that you have eaten enough. And therefore, he is not stingy and ordered enough food.

Tips to do business in China

If the dishes are empty and your bowl is empty, the host will be responsible for ordering other dishes, even if you tell him that you have eaten enough.

Fortunately, Chinese restaurants make available to carry trays for the food surplus.

Here also an ad that shows very well this cultural difference. Although shown in terms of humor, it is not very far from reality:

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