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Chinese tourists research more quality travel

Chinese tourists research more quality travel

According to the Data provided by China Union Pay were used to calculate how much and what spending Chinese tourists during the first October Holidays

According to experts of Union Pay, the number of transactions on credit cards and debit increased in this period by more than a third compared to the same period last year. Expenses also increased quantitatively. If last year the Chinese have left in foreign stores USD 127 billion, this year they spent in purchasing a whopping 165 billion.

Expenses of Chinese tourists

Expense structure is also characterized by the tendency to spend more for quality entertainment. This year, the Chinese have spent a little less for shopping, preferring to invest more in entertainment, dining and quality hotels. Also, the cost of hotel and restaurant have more than doubled over a year and entertainment expenses increased by 60%. As noted experts from China Union Pay, Chinese tourists traveling abroad are now looking for more sensations as shopping opportunities.
The shopping was in the past the priority program for Chinese tourists stay in Seoul, who now prefer to quietly enjoy Korean food instead of shopping in our duty free shops, pointed to China Daily the manager of a Seoul restaurant. South Korea was really lucky because it has become a great destination for Chinese tourism “golden week”. Thus, more than 160,000 Chinese came to Korea in a week (against 40,000 last year). Other countries do not have to complain either because spending Chinese tourists also increased in Germany, UAE, New Zealand, Spain and Australia.

shopping still number one !


Despite the tendency to invest more in the cultural aspect, shopping still occupies an important position in the expenditure patterns of Chinese tourists abroad. Also, the Chinese came to spend their holidays in October in the United States spent an average of $ 2,500 in shopping, so much so that there were even traffic jams in some neighborhoods of the great centers of commerce, told the manager of a travel agency which hosts the Chinese in the United States. This frenzy is also the game of American and European traders who organize promotional activities for Chinese tourists and hire for the “golden week” Chinese speaking staff.
As the middle class grew quantitatively, travel abroad becomes a means of becoming more popular to spend the money earned. It is not excluded that the expenses incurred abroad were indirectly boosted by the fight against corruption. Indeed, if the officials prefer to hide their incomes in China, they become spending abroad

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