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Discover the Fields of China in yunnan

Reputed as one of the most beautiful provinces of the country, it’s no surprise that Yunnan is one of the most popular with tourists during their trip to China.

Discover the Fields of China in yunnan

Located between Tibet, Laos, Burma and Vietnam, Yunnan has a marked identity and unmatched cultural wealth.
From the jungles of Xishuangbanna, the northern mountains, through the rice terraces of Yuanyang, Yunnan also presents a geographic diversity of great beauty that will leave no traveler marble.

Natural Fields in China

 yunnan fields

How to get in Yunnan?

By plane:

Yunnan province has two international airports, one in Kunming, the other in Xishuangbanna and other domestic airports Dali, Lijiang, Simao, Wenshan, Baoshan, etc.
The province is easily accessible by air, including from cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane, Chiang Mai, Tokyo and Seoul.

By Train:

Yunnan is also well connected by train, thanks to an extensive network of railroads organized around Kunming.
Know for example that a dozen takes hours to reach Kunming from Nanning, and thirty hours from Chengdu.

By bus:

Thanks to very good network of highways connecting Kunming to other main cities, it is also possible to travel by bus in Yunnan.
Some long-distance bus and connect Kunming to Shanghai, Beijing, Lanzhou, Fuzhou and even the cities of Vientiane and Luang Prabang in Laos.
Beware though, it is very long distances which can be particularly painful bus.

Move in Yunnan Province

yunnan fields china

Yunnan province is extensive, the aircraft is often the best way to move from one city to another.
However, if you have plenty of time to spare and want to see the province a little more authentic, do not hesitate to use trains or local buses.
Know that it is possible to visit almost all the sights from Kunming to Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Deqin, Pu-er, Mengla, etc.


With a varied terrain and a very special location, Yunnan Province is characterized by different climates: mountain climate northwest, temperate climate in the center, and humid tropical climate in the south.
It may very well snow in the region of Deqin, while Hekou is bathed in warm sunshine …
Constant still, the rainy season is rife throughout the province from May to October.

To give you an idea of the climate that you will encounter if you choose to visit Yunnan, here is a summary of the mean annual temperature in Kunming, Jinghong and Zhongdian:

The attractions of the province

Yunnan Province is so large and diverse that there should be several weeks to fully enjoy the riches it holds. To help you plan your trip to Yunnan, here are some ideas and visits destinations not to be missed!

kunmingSituée in the center of the province travel, capital of Yunnan is the entry favored by visitors from around the world door.
However, it is about much more than that and also has many tourist attractions like the famous Stone Forest (Shilin), the Golden Temple, the Bamboo Temple, or the Western Mountains, which offer breathtaking panorama of the city and the Dian Lake.

World Heritage Site, Lijiang is best known for the ethnic minority it shelters, Naxi, former pastors who have settled over time.
Lijiang is also a choice of base for visiting other nearby attractions such as the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Jade Dragon Mountains or the Naxi villages Yuhu and Baisha.

The Tiger Leaping Gorge
Hundred kilometers northwest of Lijiang, the Tiger Leaping Gorge are bathed by the terrible Jinsha River which has no less than 18 rapids, over a length of about 300m.
You’ll discover stunning mountain scenery and taste the tranquility of the village of Qiaotou.

Travel dali city of Bai minority, Dali has an exceptional location between Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake and several landmarks as the Temple of the Three Pagodas, the Shibaoshan Mountains, and of course, his inimitable Old Town.

Travel shangri Lasi you want to see Tibet without venturing into this remote province, go to Shangri-La, which will give you a little taste of the Tibetan atmosphere in a breathtaking setting.

Jianshui travel between Kunming and Yuanyang, Jianshui is a beautiful Chinese village that has retained its authenticity and still holds many treasures, such as the Temple of Confucius or the residence of the Zhu family.

Travel YuanyangLes Yuanyang rice terraces are certainly the most impressive of China.
Be sure to stop by to experience the magic and meet the local minority Hani and Yi, the customs and traditions still alive.

Xishuangbanna to travel far south of the province, the region of Xishuangbanna is marked by the Lao and Vietnamese influences.
You will discover a typical setting of southeast Asia and many ethnic minorities such as Bai, Hani, Lahu, Yi, Blang, the Jino or Yao.

More photos of Yunnan here and Here


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