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Chinese outbound tourism Market for 2015

Chinese outbound tourism Market for 2015

Individual travel

For some time, people tend to refuse use of Chinese travel agencies and travel with a group of strangers. Now they want to travel alone and enjoy their own journey! Could this be the end of the tour group? Many Chinese tourists players like Ctrip and Qunar have already begun to capitalize on this trend, offering products and services for independent travelers such as discounts on single rooms in hotels. As more people travel independently throughout China, they spend less or choose different destinations.


Marriage abroad for Rich Chinese

Marriage abroad with stars – trends on Chinese tourists

The new caprice of Chinese tourists – and those particularly rich – married abroad with the stars! The main objective: to show their wealth and financial success. Indeed, weddings are very important in Chinese society and are an opportunity to show his happiness and social status to others. Chinese people are willing to spend a huge amount of money for their wedding. Weddings and honeymoons business abroad is booming, and the country that benefits most is France, considered the country of luxury and romance for the Chinese people. Destinations and exotic islands are also very effective for this type of tourism.

more aware of the culture and local food !

So far, the Chinese have generally been traveling in a group and tend to eat Chinese or Asian food while traveling abroad that could be coming to an end! Chinese people seem to be more and more aware of the culture and local food. They now want to try local specialties, especially when it comes to countries where the quality of the cuisine is famous as France or Italy, although Chinese and Asian restaurants are becoming more numerous near tourist sites famous worldwide, to attract Chinese tourists. This may reflect a change in the attitude and mentality of Chinese tourists.

Medical Travel

Medical tourism is a global trend. When the purpose of the trip is medicine, people usually choose countries that can provide medical services at lower cost. This market is booming worldwide, and this is also the case in China, but not for the same reason the Chinese want to go abroad to find medical services with better quality than the services they may have in their own country. The motivation is different. Medical travel are particularly appreciated by the rich Chinese who can afford to go abroad and pay more for medical services. Japan, South Korea and Thailand have already attracted tens of thousands of Chinese tourists seek specialized medical services. Plastic surgery and cosmetic is more famous for Chinese women as well as spa treatments.

Retired persons

Traveling is no longer reserved for Chinese youth. Retirees traveling abroad are becoming more numerous. Thus, many travel agencies specializing in trips booked to elderly and retired people have emerged. For example, this is the case for Xi’an ( Graphic leaf this tour operator offers trips for the elderly. Types of travel, destination choices and programs offering Xi’an have adapted to them, meet their specific needs and expectations. The agency offers many medical travel to countries where they can receive excellent medical services at affordable prices.

source Chairmanmingo


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