Posted by: oliviapontet | December 17, 2014

Crash With Chinese Tourists and Thai Airline Hostess

Four unruly air passengers scalded a flight attendant and threatened to blow up a plane were branded “barbarians” by the Chinese state media – the latest in a series of tourist travelers to embarrass the country.

Punishment for Chinese travel agencies

National tourism watchdog has promised to “punish” the group after a low-cost flight from Thailand to the eastern city of Nanjing was forced to return to Bangkok when a Chinese female passenger threw hot water the noodles to a flight attendant. source

The Provincial Tourism Bureau Jiangsu said Monday they had asked the provincial association of tourism to the black list of the group – although there is no other indication of what that would entail.

The tour company that led the group also had his license suspended for one year, the office said.

Online video images also showed a passenger threatening to blow up the aircraft with crew along the line, would have because the group could not be seated together.


A male passenger later lost his cool when a crew member told him that change for its purchase – a cup of hot water – could be given only in Thai baht. He asked his change in renminbi and a reception.

When the clerk said it was not possible, the passenger is charged. His companion, a woman from Anhui, then threw hot water and noodles to the attendant.

“The attendant burst into tears immediately,” the other passengers told the Beijing Times.

The attendant asked the chief of the Anhui woman to apologize to the member of the crew or the plane would return to Bangkok, witnesses said.

Chinese refuse to apologize

We could feel the descending plane but [the woman passenger] refused to apologize, “they said.

China Daily, which is published by the government, lambasted the group as an editorial and said the incident would “tarnish” the image of the Chinese people.

“They believed that behave like barbarians do get what they wanted, forgetting that civility demands that another human being treated as an equal,” he said.

“The incident should be a lesson not only for the four culprits, but also for all Chinese to behave properly to get respect.”

Thai AirAsia flight FD9101 off from Don Mueang Airport north of Bangkok to Nanjing at 17:55 Thursday with 174 passengers and six crew on board, but was forced to turn back after unrest broke out.

China National Administration of Tourism said this weekend that passengers – that would have been given token fines by the Thai authorities – will be “severely punished” for their actions and put on an unruly tourists database.

“The decision of the administration should be encouraged,” Su Haopeng, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, told the Global Times.

“As this is the first time they made clear that public behavior should not only be punished by law, but regulated by a registration system.”


Passengers paid 50,000 Thai baht (HK $ 11.800) in compensation to the stewardess, the newspaper said citing reports of Thailand, while the passenger who threw hot water was sentenced to an additional fine 200 baht.


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