Posted by: oliviapontet | January 5, 2015

The advertising market in China:

  1. Last year from the sale of advertising in China has exceeded 500 billion yuan (64 billion). But revenues from traditional advertising declined
  2. 2.75% for television
    9.17% for newspapers
    However Internet advertising grows with an increase of 45.85% over the previous year, leading to a total of 63.8 billion yuan (8 billion euros).

(Source: People’s Daily, 43rd World Conference of advertising)


These figures show that the future of advertising is on the Internet. You can find more information on the advertising market here

Yet to break into this market must be able to solve a number of problems

Here are the 10 biggest problem in the world of advertising in China, without taboo.

1) Low international opening of the Chinese staff, poor English and big cultural differences

While the trend of globalization, Chinese who can travel abroad to improve their English and really open up to an international culture remain low due to the cost of such an operation. Therefore, only a minority of Chinese has a sufficient level of English to be able to easily understand the content published in the language of Shakespeare.

So all the communication and advertising agencies who wish to be present on the Chinese market have to adapt, which is very difficult given the cultural differences and language barriers.

Knowing that being someone live in the West is considered a quality while in China it is considered a lack of rudeness you can easily understand the problems that result.

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