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UK digital Marketing Campaign works in China !

The number of Chinese tourists visiting the UK rose by 37% during the first nine months of last year, bringing the total to more than 200,000 in 2015.

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+40% chinese tourists in UK

Chinese visitors collectively spent just over 4% in 2014 – or £ 435m – depending on the VisitBritain tourism body. However, it was a rebound from a decline of 1% from the same period a year earlier, after rising 68% in 2013.

While the number of Chinese visitors saw the fastest growth in the first nine months of last year, other tourists increased their spending by a greater amount.

VisitBritain aims to attract Chinese tourists with new names for landmarks
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The number of tourists from Saudi Arabia down 3% slipped, but they spent 44% more, taking their total expenditure of £ 466m. The number of visitors from France in 2015 remained at the same level as the previous year, but their collective expenses increased 9% to £ 1.2bn, exceeding Germans to be the second biggest spenders collectively behind Americans, who have spent £ 2.3 billion during the period.

Luxury retailers such as Burberry reported conditions “harder” in the UK towards the end of last year due to a slowdown in spending by tourists from China and the Middle East.

The relatively high value of the pound against the euro has encouraged visitors to look for luxury goods on the mainland instead of London or the Bicester Village shopping center discount, Oxfordshire.

Digital Marketing and Tourism Promotion


Chinese crash in the summer of 2015 also raised concerns about the slowdown in the economy, but it remains a fast growing market.

VisitBritain, which hopes to double spending by Chinese visitors to £ 1 billion by 2020, said they were already among the biggest spenders – ringing up to £ 2,688 per person. Chinese visitors already account for nearly a quarter of tourism spending in the UK.

Higher incomes have enabled millions of Chinese to start taking a vacation outside their country. The World Tourism Organization estimates that 100 million Chinese will leave the country on vacation this year. While Asian countries are the top five destinations, France, Italy and Germany are in Switzerland also in the top 10.

The UK has proved less popular, as it is outside Schengen single visa EU block. In an attempt to increase the number of visitors ahead of the Chinese New Year on February 8, the United Kingdom introduced a new two-year visitor visa to Chinese nationals in early. The new visa will cost £ 85, the same as the previous visa of six months, and allows licensees to make several trips to the United Kingdom.

“China is the largest emitter in the world market and a huge opportunity for tourism to Britain,” said the director VisitBritain Patricia Yates.


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