Posted by: oliviapontet | June 21, 2016


France is an important source for Shanghai tourists from across the world. Shanghai receives each year approximately 150,000 French tourists, this number is constantly increasing . In recent years, the two countries expressed their desire to deepen bilateral cooperation to advance tourism. But what attract both French in Shanghai and what are their favorite spots?

Initially often, the French will visit the typical and traditional places like the typical temples and gardens. They love the Jingan temple, which is both the oldest and the newest, it is all the more spectacular as it is situated in the middle of skyscrapers . Yuyuan garden is the favorite of the French, it is in the old city , the streets and aroundBuddhist temples are among the only places in town to have kept an old perfume. Oftentouristsalsolike to go through the typical small market such as the foodmarketTanggu Road or the Shiliupu tissue market where itis for example possible to provide to make her own clothes or curtains. To overshadow the sometimes stifling modernity of Shanghai, the  Qibao neighborhood you can admire the authentic Chinese landscapes with a channel passing through this area.

Apartfromthisverytraditionalside must not forget the inevitable . In this category must love the French , may first quote the band which has become the symbol of Shanghai with its magnificent buildings along the waterfront has become one of the most elegant places in the city . The Shanghai museum pays a tribute to the art .Speaking of art and creativity can also cite the M50 which is an ancient textile factory where many works of art are exhibited, it is industrial chic and captivating place where the French love to stroll on weekends.

For the very modern and economic side of the city, European-like to go first in the main street of East Nanjing Road where there’re many stores. Pudongalsoreflects the growing modernity that is where many impressive towers are installed as the Shanghai World Financial Center and Jinmao Tower. The Quarter is worth seeing for its numerous panoramic terraces with spectacular views but also for the tour of the Pearl of the Orient is the true symbol of Shanghai that all tourists come to admire.

Shanghai is a city full of confidence and always in motion that attracts French tourists so that French companies as Daxue Consulting , but the city can also show other facets. That you have a weak (weakness) the cooking (kitchen), the culture or the immense skyscrapers. Shanghai will know how to embark you on its world. Shanghai does not wait more than you!


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