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The robe is a garment inside ample long sleeve which is closed either by rail, a buttonhole or a belt at the waist. He sometimes has patch pockets and length stops between the knee and ankle. He slips on like a coat and is worn crossed for most. It is the garment of choice which is generally refuge in the bathroom. It is made with different fabrics but the most popular is the one that is 100% cotton terry because it is soft, comfortable and absorbent. It is said that women are the true followers bathrobes, this is not entirely true because men too are fond especially if they are made with good quality fabrics like terry bathrobe man.

The use of terry bathrobe man

All robes have their own uses. They can be a garment that is used to wipe the cold or protect themselves before or after a bath, shower or swim. They can be worn over sleepwear. They can be worn at home for a relaxing day. The robes are also used in hair salons in order to protect the client’s clothes or in some sports such as clothing before and after delivery. And for sponge bathrobe man in particular, apart from its practical side, there is a design clothing a man can wear with class and style to showcase her beautiful body. And since this is a terry bathrobe, one can say that it is comfortable to wear even during the hottest season of the year because it does not choke and very good perspiration absorption.

How bathrobe sponge man?

The sponge bathrobe man is made with terry 100% pure cotton or Egyptian cotton. It comes in a beautiful range of colors. It is sweet, soft and comfortable. It is made with a material of high quality, pure and noble. It has an extraordinary absorption capacity because the terry absorbs a reasonable amount of water. It can have different models like terry bathrobe with shawl collar bathrobe sponge neck kimono, terry hooded bathrobe. It can be long or short. And to maintain, can be washed in the machine.

The sponge bathrobe man is very practical but also very classy.


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